By Kathryn Holeton

State of Peace

The masks hanging around 
stare down at my tired face.
They are part of the lace
that floats without a sound.

A quiet heaven is out of reach
That light place is not my goal though
I would be happy with some sleep,
and a state of peace.

Time Consuming 

Counting all the skeletons in peoples’ closets
sounds tiresome and time consuming.

All the Difference

I can swim at the speed of sound,
From a pool 6 feet off the ground.
I can see for miles around,
from a rock anchored down.

There is enough space along the planes,
to spread my wings, fly to the ozone layer,
view the world like a goddess of rain,
raising my hands over my terrain.

My journey is unbound
Who knows what will be found?
Like a long -forgotten crown 
Or something smooth and round

Be Quiet a Minute

I would give more love, 
All sunflowers and desires
If you would a listen 

New to Old

The pushing tides of the ocean
bring in new, take out old.
Like an oil painting in motion,
gentle and cold.

The fish who sleep in the sea,
enjoy the ideas swimming in their dreams.
They know nothing of jealousy,
just a free-floating freedom among bubbles,
simple and easy.

But like all variables, time changes.
And the fish, trapped in one place-
Fall victim to those above them,
who stand on a land the fish cannot fathom.

Kathryn Holeton is a poet, author, and native Tennessean. Kathryn is also a vocalist and songwriter. In her free time, she likes to read, drink coffee, and listen to music. 


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