By John Walsh

The Love of a Friend

It’s true, I have a love for life
But did I participate.
Or idlily pass the time away
When life just couldn’t wait.
The love I feel for all of you
Who went on to do great,
Is real and true; what can you do
But chalk it up to fate.

The time that I spent with y’all
Was time that was well spent.
You’d trigger something in me
No matter where we went.
We all moved on, without much thought
For how much it all meant…
Where I find my memories
There’s little to regret.

Despite the miles and all life’s trials
I’ve kept you close here in my thought.
And we would meet again one day
If time could just be bought…
But now the Sun is setting; a tear forms in my eye
And when I first began this note,
I swore I’d keep it dry.

My Tele and Me

One day I hope to sing a new song
The curtain is closing, and it feels wrong
There’s only one question and I have to know;
Can I bring my Tele wherever I go?
A faithful companion, much more than just an axe
More than a trumpet, piano or a sax
I’ve traveled this country with her at my side
And I’ll tell you what – it’s been one hell of a ride

It’s time for bed so I wish you all good night
I’ll say my prayers then I'll shut off the light
My Tele securely locked in her case…
She’ll fill my dreams as I drift off in space

A faithful companion, much more than just an axe
More than a trumpet, piano or a sax
I’ve traveled this country with her at my side
And I’ll tell you what – it’s been one hell of a ride

Sick, Old and Alone

Another day has come and gone
I watch a setting sun
Seems my trouble's here to stay
I guess I brought it on

So, I say good-bye to Kingston
good-bye to Lake Katrine
Bye to all the friends I've made
and those I haven't seen

I'm sorry that I missed you
but I ache to the bone
And my biggest fear's come true
I'm sick, old and alone

But in my Head….

I still can hear the sound of your
footsteps in the hall
Nights without you feel so long
like the winter after fall

And yet I’ll entertain the thought
of holding you again
Though I know now it’s a fantasy
just say where and when

So I'll make my way down south
the north wind fills my sail
And I'll be sure to keep in touch
by way of the snail mail

And though I'll write you often
there's no need to reply
I only write to mute the sound 
of a love that’s died

And yet I'll entertain the thought
of holding you again
Though I know now it’s a fantasy
just say where and when

A Nightcap

My nights are often fitful
after I have gone to bed
Was it something that I ate
or something that I read
I shouldn’t have a problem
I’m feeling half past dead
But I go out and stroll about
the neighborhood instead

Weekends go by so slowly 
they used to be a blast
It’s so hard to just move on
with my head in the past
But it’s just like anything
thoughts that will not last
And I’m never caught up
in the shadow they can cast

I’ve walked around the block
now - at least fifteen times
Like the neighbor's watchdog
I’ve observed no crimes
I hope it helps my restlessness
and it does – sometimes…
First, I’ll have a Margarita;
hold the salt – two limes

By Chance

At times coincidence
Drives life to a halt....
Sunny days sipping
A cool Chocolate Malt
Then things seem to happen
That just aren’t your fault
When you get yourself caught up
With things that just weren’t
But I’ve been Lucky
Things work out for best
Effortlessly yielding when
I could care less
The things that I did do
I’ll never confess
And I always smile
As I watch her undress

So, wake me and take me
Then shake me to death
I’m sure to take pleasure
As I take my last breath
But I have to tell you
Then I’ll bid you adieu
That nothing I say…
Has ever come true

Coffee, Beans and Rice

A mild winter - come this year
Surely would be nice
'Cause if it's anything like last year
I think I might die twice
Got myself all stocked up
On coffee, beans and rice
The coffee is for me;
The rest is for the mice
Here they're just like pets
They do not carry lice
I watch them as they're frolicking
Though it's cold as ice

I took this flat in upstate
It was all I could afford
Spend time writing crap like this
To keep from getting bored
So pay no mind to what I say
For it should be ignored
But if you knew what's in my head
I think you might be floored
Perhaps one day I'll get back
To the one that I adore
That's if she'd ever have me
On that, I'll say no more

Waiting on the Rain

Soon the rain will be here
the humidity is high…
I dine on the deck alone
and watch the cars fly by
The sun in twilight setting
beyond a purple sky
Just can’t get you off my mind
maybe I shouldn’t try…

The clouds are rolling in now
there’s the threat of a storm
The likelihood of something good
will hold off till the morn…
Time to grab another beer
this one is getting warm…
I’ll kick back and watch the clouds
and name shapes as they form

A full moon is now peering out 
through a break in the clouds
Soon she’ll be obscured…
behind a silky shroud
And there the romance ends
for now...
I wish you were around

Alone With My Guitar

Let me play my guitar, and then I’ll have to go….
Chasing down the Sunset…. after the mid-day show
Unlike all the Cowboys that went down this road before
where I go to next…. well, no one needs to know.

She’s always had her way, but she’s been loyal to me
I used to take her everywhere for everyone to see
Back at a time when I knew that I was free
Free to share the love I had, it came so naturally

Alone now with my guitar, underneath a moonlit sky
I never took the time to ask her for a reason why
With the test of time, I know I don’t have time to cry
But I made the time to say; I love you and good-bye

Like Everything Else

Take me back to where I’m from
I’ve been down too long
To a time when where I went
I always brought a song
Determined that I’d do it all
when ‘later’ comes around
But later came and later went
without making a sound

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