By John F. Zurn


Sometimes loneliness wins out,
and nights feel like forever.
Then my faith begins to doubt
that God is really present.
In the morning in the light,
my fitful thoughts recede.
Yet loneliness does not seem right
If love is all I need.

Weathering Storms

When the storms of life begin,
I wander in my misery.
Thunder clouds obscure the sun,
and winds of doubt pass over me.
In these times of violent gales,
self-pity soon consumes my thoughts.
Then I toss away my sails
and steer around my sinking heart.

Wretched Mountains

Must I scale these wretched mountains
every time my life is stale?
Must I face these same emotions
when I need to climb this trail?
I can sense the vast horizon
when the summit comes in view.
Just for once could I feel human
and escape this stress I feel?

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