By Kian Zehtabian

Photographer’s Note:

I usually don’t say anything on my work but this time I decided to say some words because some people may do complete misinterpretations like one of my friends. Indeed art perception is subjective but let me say that my main issue is just and just loneliness and also absolutely nothing like: progress or becoming your better self or anything else you want to think of my work take or best shots, its there for you and I would be happy

And at last is that those two close shot flowers pictures are taken by iPhone13 not edited and only 2 photos are edited only in the way that natural sunlight has enhanced photo. I have spent quite some time on taking these and I have also laid on sand for 15 minutes in an uncomfortable position but have not done any serious editing because I believe in my own hard work more than that.

Kian Zehtabian is a 24-year-old psychology student from Iran. He has been writing poetry in Persian for a few years and then he decided to write in English. Some of his writing has been published in the Academy of the Heart and Mind. He also loves cinema and does photography. He is indeed fluent in his mother language which is Persian and also English and German and he is currently learning Italian. He truly loves and enjoys English literature and his main influencing poets are T.S Eliot and Walt Whitman and Sylvia Plath.

4 thoughts on “Nature Photography

    1. Dear Jim,one more thing is that i really like to get in touch with other poets,writers or artists and get their feedback on my work because i have not been too long in this expertise so it really helps me and besides i like translation and co-authoring so at last these kind of connections would hugely impact my to hear from you then.

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  1. Beautifully taken. Each captures the true essence of nature. All the pictures are eye soothing. And sometimes natural and spontaneous are the best as they depict the true self. Wishing you all the best. Best regards, sincerely and respectfully


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