By Amrita Valan

Can you tell me?

How to be bouncy old-fashioned
And so happy?

Somewhere inside
The springs got broken
And now I fall so flat
So very flat inside
A cardboard cut out.
Walking around
Like the shadow of myself
On bare non reflective walls.

Tinkering with well being 
I polish the black marble
Of my kitchen counter.

Turning off the lights,
There's a reflective glow
Of red and green dots
From the reverse osmosizer.

And it says it all.

You must be happy
You must reverse the flow.

Don't dam up your tears
But what is bleeding out
Let it hydrate your heart.

The leaching of inner acid
Stares me down
The walls of corrosion
Winning every time.

On my hands and knees
I clean the tiles.
To glossy absolution
Kneel down genuflection.

Punishment is submission
With full comprehension.

One must rebel
Arise on broke knees.

The phoenix must
Be spent 
For blood bone and flesh 
To transubstantiate dust and ashes into God
Fodder of resurrection.

The fuel for
Another rising.

I must say it.
I am.
Happy as I can be.

And perhaps
That's good enough.
For now.

The wings 
Must be earned.
Broken feathers arraigned.

The heart is reverend.
Not appeased by 
Shallow depths.

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