By Kian Zehtabian

Tree of love

She told me once:
“I love you like a fruit attached to a tree
As it’s nourished everyday—
As it is safe and warm during the cold
So shall I not love you until we rot away together?”
Oh dear, OH my sweetheart—
You have understood love but in a corrupt way
So I replied
Become my Rose-apple, hanging from the tree I shall become
Looking down to earth while reaching the sky
And as you dreamed and wished I indeed keep you warm.
Cut off my roots as you wish and dry them 
And while they die—hear their confessions—buried in them 
Through branches attached to my mind.
Yet the time comes, that you must fall
And I shall shed tears from nearby
Rotting away inside, but never wish
To decay in these green arms holding you tight
As that all ever love was, a brief joy
Faced by winds of loss and separation 
Lost at the end of time.

two lovers and the sea

Two lovers were wandering along the sea—
Along its waves, on the warm shore
Like the butterflies lost in a dream.
Nobody knew nor wondered if it was real
Or just a dream as the sun glimmered—
Like a lost jewel in depth of sky—
While Covering—
Naked shimmering body of ocean.
Desperate they said, the local folks— 
Sun that day was while battling— 
Smooth hand of the wind.
His hands touching ocean, trying to make love to her
The battle seemed lost for the glorious lover—
Who appeared closer to paradise—
When finally wind crushed small huts on the beach
And grasped the ocean's heart.
THUS concurrent took a look into her eyes,
The man into hers— into the dimming cave 
Filled with sparkles of light enfolding the dark
Still walking barefoot on the shore-
And he opened his mouth unleashing these:
Dear you saw with your own eyes the defeat of sun
So easy and his love lost in vain
But we are even much closer to none
We can walk and fill our hearts with joy
But eventually the stars will fill the blue roof —up ahead of us
The blue roof covering this earth and eventually end arrives
And thus the end of our love
Shocked she seemed so responded:
Dear we are lovers at the sea 
We are lovers at the sea
We are conquerors of the warm sands bare feet
We are conquerors of the shores, our names are carved 
Into the cold stone of history and our names is in all songs
Singed on the lips of people at the bay every night
Battle of sun with the wind might be forgotten
As the time passes, as even some flowers die in muds
And some grow to water lilies and survive.
What you see ahead of us shall not be ever
As I love thee and my heart is ruled by thee.
-oh dear oh my sweet he said—
With a bittersweet fading smile
We may be the lovers at the sea
We may win this battle of the constant dance
Of coming winters and dying springs 
Of the bushes struggling to turn into fine trees
But mark these words, these cold blades—making us bleed
“That king or queen,
Ruler of the neither world nor lovers at the sea
Can ever be victorious—
The already lost battle of us
With the sands of time”.

Kian Zehtabian is a 24-year-old psychology student from Iran. He has been writing poetry in Persian for a few years and then he decided to write in English. Some of his writing has been published in the Academy of the Heart and Mind. He also loves cinema and does photography. He is indeed fluent in his mother language which is Persian and also English and German and he is currently learning Italian. He truly loves and enjoys English literature and his main influencing poets are T.S Eliot and Walt Whitman and Sylvia Plath.

6 thoughts on “Tree of love and two lovers and the sea

    1. Dear Tabassum,
      Thanks you for your kind words.i did my best writing these and thanks for your support.
      I want to say here that it would be awesome if other people who read my poems and like them give some feedback on them to me because it really helps me grow.Kian

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am honored by your reply Poet Kian . Thank you so much for your kind reply. I agree with you profoundly that people should comment and give feedback. Appreciation helps a lot in any kind of process of work. A poet’s work should be harnessed by feedback ,comment,like ,sharing and appreciation. Thank you very much indeed for your frank words. I wish you all the best in your poetic endeavor. Best regards,
        Sincerely respectfully and delightfully yours,


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