By Lamont A. Turner

Together we shall reconstruct the universe
from glimpses and whispers,
chance encounters with our souls,
we shall compose a dirge for our chains
and shatter the cell of our existence,
our canvas expanding to encompass the infinite.

The flowing scarlet of screaming births! 
The wail of tumultuous origins!
This life shall be but one of the colors in our palette.
The dull dead white in silent caskets!
The dry rustle of withered leaves!
Death shall sing but one note in our chorus.

Lamont A. Turner’s work has appeared in numerous online and print venues including Mystery Weekly, Lovecraftiana, Mystery Tribune, Frontier Tales, Cosmic Horror Monthly, Dark Dossier, and other magazines, podcasts and anthologies. His short story collection, “Souls In A Blender” was released by St. Rooster Books in October 2021.


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