By Maid Corbic

The streets have become more and more deserted, so that we do not see their beginning, nor the end itself. Everything we kept looking for seemed to be gone forever, because our feelings haven’t changed. Yes, we are just children ready to love the world around us, and, of course, as such, we want only the most beautiful and best for ourselves and for others around us. And we did not know that there was some trouble going on far away and that, as young children ready to love the world around us, we must be stronger than ever, to fight for our songs and principles, not to fight the evil spirits that afflict us almost every time and that everything we dreamed and wanted now turns into darkness without its end. We’re just kids, yes. Trapped in a corner, it mocks shame and truth.

The journey begins in a house called the Ontario House, where as children we often dreamed of being in that one house in the very forest that still carried some difficult and sad stories, as if she deliberately wanted to say that we must be stronger than everything and that we never give up on everything we have dreamed and sought. We didn’t know that our lives depended only on our behaviour, so if we were children, we didn’t know what the risk was. We always wanted and watched the basic segmentation almost every day after school, and we saw some of the most beautiful creations and everything that happened in that house. Three rabid boys, three strong heroes who practiced every day and were never afraid of anything. Mario, Michael, and Michelle wanted to show that they were stronger than anything and that they were not afraid of anyone or anything. Their friends often laughed at them because they were in favour of some of the stupidest who only asked for attention and praise in front of the girls, and as the movements continue, the understanding is that we still have to see that history. That breath breathes and escapes the winds of American culture. It did not give us peace because all three loved to feel that nature that was woven bright and special to their eyes.

As time went on, these desires became more and more theirs, but they were still stronger than ever, and you wanted to visit this little girl who at every given moment possessed desires only when they said it. They were still juvenile and so crazy, but they also wanted to be stronger than ever, and their fear from a young age overwhelmed them in every way. They had to be stronger than anything and to step into that forest, which at every moment ended and began to look like a small fairy tale. It was infinitely beautiful, and inside it was a well-read house that was generally known to all by ghosts and various gods who lived there at every moment. It was believed that the title of the bravest would definitely go to all three, and that they wanted to be the first people to investigate this case.

The Ontario House, like all the others in town, was very beautiful. It’s so fabulous on the outside, but on the inside it’s a real little gem. The presence of a piglet in it caused unrest in all three, but also a desire to leave it alone and finally admit to themselves that they are the heroes of all of America. America especially loves droughts, and it was also known that if they overcame their fear, everything would be much easier sooner or later. They were known to be very special and could certainly be wonderful creatures. The meaning of everything was to continue to show themselves in every light and that they should certainly be heroes. All three are, but after sixteen years, the ignorant young man who was supposed to come to them.

The gate in that house was so metallic and scary, in fact, iron, that just retreating would make that horrible sound like in horror movies. All three boys loved horror, but they didn’t know that, in fact, that horror might be their dream to come true. Horror movies were an adventure for them, and they wanted to enter that house before it was too late for everyone. They knew that they wanted to explore the unexplored and thus show themselves in a better and better light. They wanted to show the students and their class because they considered the bullies to be the leaders of everything and that breath never existed. The creaking of the gate and the astonishment were the only things that showed that the views in infinity were still generally present, while the sun, which grew stronger and stronger during the special summer months of April, gave the impression that they were indescribable. To all the forces to win and to be the heroes of everything in the world. It was known that they might be going to ruin because they had escaped before that day, Friday. For dry people, Friday is a famous day because, on Fridays in the evening hours, nature itself came to life and they wanted to see and feel everything in that house for the first time on their skin, whether it’s the opposite of television or reality. and to risk their lives at any moment, but as people say, youth is madness. Ignoring the world around them and printing their parents’ wishes to see the first port, calling all three on their mobile phones, they prepare to enter the house, while darkness falls and everything quickly comes to life.

The darkness begins to fall more and more, faster. Faster and faster, the house began to look like scenes from a horror movie when viewed from the outside; in front there was a cemetery thousands of years old, which was very ugly and inconspicuous. They did not dream that it might be the last time they saw each other, because they only wanted one adventure, and the one they were looking for may have been much more than life. They did not think about the future, but only to simplify some of their desires and ambitions before it was too late for everyone. All the ideas and all the deeds they wanted to achieve might be voodoo, just the fruit of desire and ambition. Slowly, with light steps, they approach the house that really leaves a deep mark in their hearts and souls. That really leaves a trace of the question of whether it was a good idea or not.

Behind them, just before entering the house, the clear voice of a woman was heard, a person who was murdered near the house by her husband many years ago. The sentence: “Don’t go there!” All three clearly heard this warning. They paused for a moment and were not allowed to turn back, for perhaps that apparition or the woman in white was appearing more and more. No one believed that this story could be so real, so none of them believed that this American house was a horror story. But in their eyes, it was just a figment of their imagination, and they continued to dream of stepping towards that kitsch, and every millimetre seemed to be the last for them, because they were young and inexperienced for some time. Everything they experience next will actually be a good lesson for their lives. Because it could be the ultimate solution for those who wanted to experience life for themselves and finally be the main faces in the skill, boasting that they survived America’s haunted house, the Ontario House.

America always had special houses, and it created such happiness and joy in their eyes that they never wanted to change their lifestyle. They wanted to investigate the unexpected and fight with everyone around them as best they knew how. They did not have any weapons except the hope that either the living or the victims would come out of this house. It is only important that they be human in everything and that they communicate with each other. Before entering the kitchen, they turned off the phones, and that was certainly a factor in the mistake that their parents carried that sin all their lives. Just because the kids wanted something new didn’t cost them their lives, and that’s why that place later was called Youth Square.

The very entrance to the house was unbearable because of the creaking of the stairs, the first step, and the door itself, which was made of wood and crackled in the ears, as well as the whole house, creating general discomfort. The only reason for that research is to continue to understand that they can do anything and that they are strong as people, as persons and personalities. They want something new and unexpected. The first encounter with the ghost woman was already in the hallway, and it hadn’t started yet! It didn’t start, and they still wanted more and more to occupy one of the three boys. The children’s souls were so innocent and sincere, so unexpectedly greedy and strong. One of these ghosts even dated back to 1886, when the original owner was found hanging from that house and still roams the grounds to this day. 

He was wearing a cowboy hat, and as if coming from some area, he approached one of those boys. He had a white beard that was very thick and those black crypt eyes that gave freedom and restlessness to all those who wanted to explore something unexpected and completely new. They wanted people to be ready for everything, and not to have such a welcome and parade right away. The ghost had a gun under his belt, but it quickly disappeared. He was in front of all three boys, and while still stunned and numb in one place, they finally realized that the angels were even more so. But they were not aware that this spirit was not good and that he was seeking justice because he often said while he was alive that he wanted to kill everyone with one bullet. That horror in the eyes of the hanging citizens is still remembered as if it is still clear today. And there is no light at the end of the tunnel except the darkness and evil that that house has inflicted. Moving away from the hallway, they come across a dream room that was a few steps away, heavy but grumpy, ready to step away, and as if someone had unlocked all three, they come with those living rooms.

There is dust in the corner. On the walls, you can see the nicotine that still remained on the walls and some faces that remained in the dirt for centuries. Only traces of deeds and hair were somewhat present in all of them because they were children and they just wanted attention to get at least a small but sincere response. All they built was just respect, but also adventure. Something new. Nothing more. In that room, the scene has been played for centuries, like a cabaret. The puppets and queens were killed by the king, and now they are wandering around that house. They were bad, but they were shown in one space that looked like the ghost of children. Innocent and petty, the voice of young children enters all three, sharing cries and salvation from home. They were screaming, not out of happiness. Out of fear, petrified. Still, sadness. They already have tears welling up in their eyes as something evil enters them and they are already beginning to regret that they did not leave when it was most needed. Maybe all this was a mistake or a dream, but when they realized that there was a cobweb around them, everything was unfortunately late. No one remained alive in that house, but they quickly became hostages to a space that did not give peace to anyone. With such an experience, absolutely no one can stay in the most beautiful, from the outside, but from the inside, the ugliest horror story happens every second, and from second to second, they realize that it is too much. The noise and murmur of children, as if they were somewhere out there, are starting to come out of the ground. The bedroom, which was at the very beginning, was turned into a hotbed of emotions that they wanted the children to see as the most passionate and to enter. All the observation and observation of life was for someone else to be fed with someone else’s blood. Mario was the first victim who sadly died in the way she was bitten by a cowboy with a hat, because he thought the ghost had made the mistake of one day. The other two were paralyzed and crushed, resulting in fear and ghosts.

The house would never be the same after the breath had taken over. The sadness and shame in the eyes of the lost giant did not give peace to anyone, because what was still left in them, that courage and injustice, is now lost forever. Maybe it was all with the intention of finally realizing that you are not very special and that you have to run away from home every second. Shocked by their first experience, they looked for a place to get out of this space, but they could not escape. The door remained locked, while life still hung in the balance. There was still some hope that one day they would realize that ghosts were like that for a reason and that at any moment they would realize that all this was just a small fiction from which something completely new might be born. Because that is still what may be left in themselves, that one little piece of advice and the fear of existence that we must be stronger than the fugitive. Yes, life is weird. It is. The most haunted house is beginning to justify its name by stating that they only wanted to escape but were unable to do so.

As time goes on, they realize that they are helpless to get away easily, and so they will very quickly understand that all the dry ones are dragging themselves towards their wife, tearing their skin alive. In order to alleviate the pain in the end, they decided to take an old rifle that was stuck in the hallway. All the other rooms remained unimportant; they just wanted to remove the agonies that had accompanied them from the very entrance to the house, which was one of the most haunted ever. Now everything is coming into its own and the meaning exists because in the wake of existence, nothing more could be done except the hope that their product will somehow start a similar one to conceive this bullet home when they twist. They took guns and cried. All the screams and screams of the ghosts pull them down, and they decide to squeeze the trigger. They bowed to God, hugged her with their heads together, and blew her up. When there is a bullet on the ground, the only thing they remember is the view of the air while the ghosts drag them down to the ground. Now that the house was finally fed, it was as if a new day had come. The morning came quickly, but the parents still had questions about where their children were.

The disappearance of the children was reported during the night, and as if everything was so unreal, the police and the FBI were ready to solve the case. As soon as they arrived at the scene of the accident after a report from the nearest neighbours over ten kilometres away, because the last message from Mario was that he was at a location in the Ontario House towards the famous forest, everyone knew that this was the place of the victims. Everyone knew it was a matter in God’s hands, because anyone who wanted to search this house could not be moved to step inside the accursed place. The sadness and sorrow in the eyes of the parents of the victims remained, while the horror story eventually took its toll and took even all the missing.

In the end, the house was never sealed, and all the dry ones were still underground. There was never a solution to why this had to be like this, because in the end, fate is very gloomy and strange. Horror is still in the eyes of all of us because the meaning of life is lost. No children, the ward cried over the ghosts. The house is stained with blood, and the grave sites have been upgraded for another twenty people. Everyone was left dead in the end. just because of adventure and desire, not because of the idea of saving themselves and their loved ones. The horror story remained gloomy and sad, and destinies were eventually sealed forever. History is gone, youth is gone because of adventure and one night in a haunted house in America!

Maid Corbic from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He is 22 years old and in his spare time he writes poetry that is praised and lauded. He also selflessly helps others around him, and is moderator of the World Literature Forum WLFPH (World Literature Forum Peace and Humanity) for humanity and peace in the world in Bhutan.


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