By Camille Castro

chocolate milk

grabbing my giraffe themed backpack
i headed out the door before giving
Moma a kiss
grasping the edge of my school tag
it was time for me to board the bus
‘don’t forget your chocolate milk, Mille!’
Moma exclaimed and rushed to give it to me
i hurriedly stuffed the drink into my matching giraffe
lunch box and boarded the bus
to my next colorful adventure!

– life is filled with primary colors
blending in to make new ones

black bean soymilk

nothing beats relaxation after a long day
like unwinding to a bowl of curry udon right
after the daybreak’s end

i have slewed through brass tracks,
spray paint, pomade
just to name a few

X-ray charts, plastic diner cups,
cooking bananas
all details in a day’s worth
of work

lychee pomegranate tea

it was a midsummer’s afternoon
and my friends and I were traversing through the
woods to find the illustrious scarab beetle
most adults dismissed the possibility
that we could achieve such a feat
but we paid no attention

first, we repaired our dingy bug-catching nets
then trailed through the cicada-laden forest
where insects and all sorts of woodland creatures

and off we go…

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