By Maria A. Arana


Life is about changes
Work is one place this is felt
Either you get better and move up
Or you are decimated and move out
could be better things
could be things look down
and the pit keeps deepening and widening
until the rain comes and drowns you out
things could get worse
but life never keeps it the same
change will come
it only needs a little push
from you maybe


heavy on the lips
honey tight
blended cinnamon
pumpkin slice
heart pounding
fist dancing
drums blaze
night maze
single tear
joyful memory

Miss You

It hasn’t happened yet
this experience
where the body stops
or labors to breathe
and the mind can only think
of one thing
one person
one wish
to go outside
take some fresh air
beside you
your chest heaves
and tightens
holding on to the memories
of a life that saved you from
another tragedy
‘miss you’ isn’t enough
‘love you’
is stronger
and may be what he needs

Maria A. Arana is a teacher, writer, poet, and editor. Her poetry has been published in various journals including Spectrum, The Gonzo Press, and fevers of the mind. You can find her at and

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