By David R. Topper

a line 
a Euclidean line
infinite in length

mid-month, a birth, 
our first grandchild
a girl 
the dawn of fresh joy

the trajectory of a new life
a lifeline: starting at zero
finite in length & time

a few days later, a diagnosis
early stage of dementia
my wife 
the dusk of a damaged brain

the trajectory of a life in demise
a lifeline: moving toward an end point 
finite in length & time

same time
grandchild & grandmother 
two lifelines
one commencing; one ending

the relationship that exists 
when things occur at 
the same time

                *  *  * 

same month, three years later 

morning: an inquisitive life 

sundown: an inactive life 

you have forgotten our grandchild 
you ignore her 
she will only remember 
you made her feel invisible

oh, you have no idea
what I’m talking about
do you?

the relationship?
grandchild & grandmother 
each lost
to the other 

finding me
in my twilight,
amidst my joy
amidst my woe

a line 
a Euclidean line
infinite in length

David R. Topper is a published writer living in Winnipeg, Canada, who derives pleasure & satisfaction from writing, as well as sharing his writings with family & friends – and others, if they want to read his work. 

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