By Lisa Vo

Radiant Afternoon 

a beam of sunlight 
shone through my vacant window 
it touched the clean floor 
with its soft caress like a 
tired face hitting 
a freshly washed pillowcase 
day called out to me
it said savor this simple 
memory of innocence 

The Transcendental Bus

I took the transcendental bus to a place called nowhere. 
At that stop, it was night. 
The sky dazzled with a brilliant blue, covered in glittering stars.
The ground was much like the surface of the moon. 
There I met you—who I hadn’t seen in years.  
Maybe ever. 
Because you were a stranger. 
I couldn’t recognize the way you spoke or looked or moved.
And I had to question who you were to me.
And who I was to you. 
Can we meet somewhere that defies looks and forward movement? 
Can we remember the same moments when we were meshed together instead of separated?
Let’s agree to walk there sometime, forgetting how gravity holds us down to each other’s faded fantasizing. 

Lisa Vo is a 20-year-old contemporary fiction writer, poet, and painter based in Lake Worth, Florida. Her work mainly revolves around youth, nature, and the exploration of identity. She studies at Ringling College of Art and Design, pursuing a Creative Writing BFA along with a business minor. You can find her on Instagram @lisyloo824.

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