By Frances Leitch

Desert Land

The land 
of waterless sea
Stretching endlessly
The land of tawny sand       	
The land of bald mountains
The land of skies of wine
The land of thirst
That fills the soul with silence

Summer Breeze

A warm
summer breeze			
Swept across
the wide open plain
of the land untame
Dusted the sand
Scrubbed the cactus
Broke the wildness
Flowing over
the desert’s belly
Like a tumbleweed
Rolling on
Singing a windswept song

Desert Soul Trek

 A desert soul
speaks of jack rabbits
and tumbleweeds
and dirt and dust
Oh how euphoric to say
Go to the desert again
I must
Trek the desert
Wide full and free
Cacti strewn land
of windy silence
and shifting sand
Moving on and on
Till the sun sets
And the sky marvels
in a rose amber tapestry
Flung across the wide sky sea

As onward marches     
the soulful eve
Birthing a starlit canopy   
for the desert soul
Trekking the land
of jeweled serenity

Sun Land

A drink of dew
the golden flicker knew
nesting on cactus furrows
Birthing in a sunny dawn
of fleeting sands
rolling on
As the sidewinder
crosses the desert sea
 a sailor rowing in harmony 
And buries its head
beneath a sun full face
the cool awaits 

Scurry and flutter
A cottontail hops
to the shady arms
of an ocotillo
Spread over sand 
and seed scatter
Nibbled in the hand
of the sunlit land

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