Former contributor Danae Younge’s poetry chapbook, Melanin Sun (–) Blind Spots, was given the Florence Kahn Memorial Award by the National Federation of State Poetry Societies and will be published as a print book on July 1st! NFSPS is a conglomerate of the state poetry societies involved in the institution of Poet Laureate, and they host what are considered to be some of the largest poetry competitions in the country. Melanin Sun (–) Blind Spots is a micro-collection of 10 poems using elements of formal experimentation, such as redaction, strikethrough, and unconventional punctuation to mystify self-identification and biracialism in the absence of a Black father figure. That said, this body of work is relevant to anyone who has struggled to self-identify or has battled grief. These poems live in the blurred spaces between the truths we are told to internalize. Click the link for information on the book, including what reviewers are saying, and to sign up for a notification once the book releases!

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