By Denis O’Sullivan

The Forgotten People

As women and children flee from war and violence as quickly as they can and just can't take anymore of it which is caused by man 

Why should they suffer from this conflict leaving father's and sons behind so that they can fight for their country and might never see them again alive 

What's Putin trying to prove as he hides behind his desk and even though he's killing innocent people I can't figure out why he thinks he's more superior than anyone else 

How could you even call yourself a human killing innocent people who never did anything to you all 

Do you even have a conscience putting civilians through suffering because you want to take control 

Do you think money could buy you forgiveness or buy back your soul cause what you're doing is absolutely immoral 

I hope someday that you're death will come soon and I'll make sure I'll follow your casket on pale afternoon 

And as they lower your body into your death bed you can be sure I'll stand over your grave to make sure you're dead

In Solidarity With You

What has this world become
As women and children are victims of a war which will effect the lives of everyone 

And while they're trying to flee from war 
as quickly as they can why should women and children suffer the most because of the love for greed and power which is caused by man

What must we do to live together as one no matter where your from or who you are we all should be treated equally like every one 

And what we must do is send a message to Putin telling him what he's doing is wrong putting suffering on women and children who are victims of a war which they never asked for and may never return 

And as they put a gun into a soldier's hand with the aim to kill and are fighting a war for democracy and are willing to die even though it's against their own will 

When will the war come to an end so that we can leave it all behind and live together in a world that will have peace and love for the sake of mankind

With so many innocent lives that were taken which shouldn't be happening but what has this world become 

And hopefully someday we can all live in a world for our children sake that will become one

What we must try do is help the women out children what they're going through cause the least thing that we can do is show solidarity with you

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