By Mohsina Dadu

Not many stars and drooped sky
Frozen plants and mosquitoes cry.

Heartbeat runs with whining dogs, 
Silence is piercing with crinkling knob
Thoughts in veins as blood flows.

Me, wrapped with thoughts
Lying layered with emptiness
Rolling eyes, chatting mind
And ears ringing for some forlorn
Dancing ceiling, claiming to fall
No one,my side to claim
No one for me to blame.

And then, I met with my dream
Starry morning,rosy sky
Dancing plants, all delighted guy
Humming doves,and sparrow's chirp
Baby's giggle and gaily family slurp.

Such absolute world desired deep,
And so remained lie in my world half sleep.

Mohsina Dadu, is an education coach and a soft skills trainer by profession. She belongs to Modasa, one of the semi-urban towns of Gujarat state, India. She is a simple going person. She is very amiable and social, caring being one who likes to meet and treasure as a friend. Her hobbies are teaching, learning and reading. She is an emotional being full of compassion and has great belief in human values and dignity.

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