By P.A. Esangha

Dazed: The Enslaved Mind

His destiny in his own hand
An easy trade without a brain-cap
Ignorant, a man without a plan.
A future he sold for a grain-cup

Bottles, bottle in the house of bottles
Imprisoned by his own greed
Unable to solve life's puzzles
He is nothing but a helot. 

He stares his slave master,  dazed.
His gold replaced with cubes.
Through the city preach he concord.
For a fee of food crumbs

Dazed! The land owner rent his house
The lord of an empire is servant.

My Saviour, The Slave Master

Beautifully he clothes himself, 
A god glory he must deserve.
Creatively,  the maker made him.
call him a masterpiece when film
He is that perfect handmaid.

A lord of wealth he doth not make
An unsmart  ruler of the smart. 
Father to the ones he unfathered
Master of failed promises 
Call him a baron of incompetence. 

He is a faithful liar
 Wow to the believer of a flier.
All road made but death traps
Mass employment with food crumbs.
Call him a creative word artisan

How cruel is his kindness.
Foreign trips for medical
Whereas he build world class hospitals.
Patron of far education 
With world class schools, 
Underneath mango trees at home.

All hail my slave master
Lord of mind games
Evil intentions shrouded in goodwill 
How wasteful it is to flock dead horses

Love Fantasy

Such an aching tooth
With a glamorous garment
Nicely suited in lust 
She lure her prey
Like a chick after a corn tray

An elusive world of fantasy
Prospect of a destiny she presents
The skies coloured in blue, blues.
Impossible to tell of the end
Thoughts of such quickly dismissed
In fear, so to happen.

How many heart hast thou broken, 
How many graves hast thou open? 
The lives you have taken
How many more will you
The glorious exit of the saint; 
The delight of Romeo to bow out, 
The maker someday all deed shall judge.

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