By Ian Copestick

The First Day of Spring?

I was out walking
this afternoon, and
suddenly it seemed
as if the atmosphere
changed. The wind
stopped cutting into
me, I could sense the
sun on my face.
In the distance, I could
see the sunlight being
reflected in windows,
golden, dazzling ! My
spirit suddenly lifted.
It was like hearing a
great piece of music,
or reading a really
inspirational poem.

The first day of spring ?

I hope so. 

I Know That I Know Nothing

I sit here, on top of 48 years.
I get sick of myself,
so God knows how
other people may feel.
Sometimes it seems like I
have been here, forever,
at other times I feel just like a child.
But, at least I know that I know nothing.
That is the only way that wisdom comes.
Are the philosophers the ones
to take notice of?
I don't know, but nobody,
nowadays knows who they are.
People get their opinions from
tabloid newspapers, and
dumbed down T.V.
If Buddha, Jesus, or Allah arrived
on Earth today, no one would
even notice. Or as Jack Kerouac
once said "If Jesus tried to walk
across modern day America,
he'd be arrested outside
Altoona, Pennsylvania."

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