Lay me in a field of wildflowers,
that I may bask in the honeyed scent
of many-colored blossoms,
bright canary yellows, gentle lilacs, smooth ivories,
pale pinks and vivid oranges, deep indigos and ravishing reds,
wet with fresh dew they glisten against my skin,
that I may dream of a place where Spring is everlasting,
brilliant and beaming the sun, delicate warmth seeping through,
melting me from woman to earth,
that I may breathe in the soil
and exhale the rain, tears flowing untethered,
the soft melodies of my soul
molding together my many lands
in glorious arrangements, untamed and free
as they frolic in the April breeze.

Stacie Eirich is a poet, singer & library associate. A former English Instructor, she holds a Masters Degree in English Studies from Illinois State University. Her poems have recently appeared in Academy of the Heart and Mind, Ariel Chart International Literary Journal, Art Times Journal and The Bluebird Word. She lives near New Orleans, La with three cats, two kids and one fish.

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