By Dr. Imbesat Maheen Syed

Death won’t us do us apart,
It brings us together.

The ones that leave us physically,
Become part of us spiritually.

Transcendence liberates one from grief, suffering and pain.

Let’s not mourn the physical separation, 
but celebrate the spiritual union with our loved ones.

May the tears of joy and content flow and never of grief.

May we have wisdom to celebrate life and its transcendence?
There is no death but only life and in all its forms its love,

In honor of my beloved Dad aka ‘Abu’, Syed Mujahid.
He inspired me to this mystical poem.

Dr. Imbesat Maheen Syed is resident pediatric surgery track, certified peer reviewer, Certified Medical humanities expert (Taipe University), YouTuber, innovator, writer, poet and artist.
Her motto: Bridging science and art for holistic life experience.

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