By Denis O’Sullivan

Why doesn't the world leaders do what they can to protect women and children who are suffering because of man

Why doesn't the world leaders do something to help children who are dying from malnutrition and disease and yet they couldn't care less about another hungry mouth to feed

When are the world leaders going to realise that war is no good so for sake of our children I think you have a wrong attitude 

Why should women and children suffer because of world leaders power and greed when we should be giving them food and water which they so badly need 

How long will they hide behind your own desk when there's no need for war or violence cause we live in a world which is at unrest 

How long will world leaders hide as the death toll gets higher cause its stupid to think that war is an answer when you're playing with fire 

I know that God could never forgive you for the things you've done and when you reach the gates of heaven do you think you should be left in 

when will the world leaders realise that there's no solution to war so that women and children don't have to live with it no more 

When all we are saying is give peace a chance when all we have to do is try live in a world with no more war or violence 

so we make this world a better place for the next generation to come and live in a world that will be as one

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