By Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

A Healthy Lifestyle

A retired man, who wants to hit the old age milestone, 
wants to keep it all as long as he wants.
He realised as hard work and discipline are essential 
in life, but diet is important to improve.
He, who is proud to have survived so long, was 
never ashamed of being old in his environment. 
Though old age is accompanied by aches and pains, 
but at 81 he actually feels very happy. 
After retirement, he always remained healthy with 
a sound mind which is the secret of his long life.
Good nutrition is an important part to lead a healthy 
lifestyle, because body requires brain.
Eating a healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables, 
and whole grains can help to maintain weight.
People who exercise regularly can live few years
longer than those who are really inactive.
Physical activity and good food can reduce risk of 
chronic diseases and promote our health.
A healthy lifestyle, which has a lifelong effect, helps 
to improve and keep our health most active.
The retired man, who was struggling in his childhood, 
is far happier than he was in his young life.
Every time, he found that in difficult moments 
one can understand meaning of family.
He, who is a lucky person always remains happy 
to travel to foreign countries with his family.
He, who travelled to foreign countries had experience 
in his life meeting new people every day.
He is fortunate to have a habit to write because his 
mental faculties remain in working order.
Though he never fears death, but he regrets that
lingering illness may be a burden on his family!

A Childhood Remembrance

I was born more than eighty years ago in a remote 
village of an Island to proud goldsmith parents.
It was a nice and lovely village, because the sound of 
fluttering leaves filled the mind with aliveness.
My mother died at a very young age due to infected
virus like cholera, leaving her three children.
My mother who was the most loving, kind, and pure 
hearted woman was the most hard-working lady. 
I had a habit to walk in paddy field with my grandfather, 
who used to take me near the bank of the river.
Somedays I used to mingle with the cowboys, who used 
go to the meadows and used to play in the field.
I used to spend time listening to conversations of my elderly 
relatives, who used to sit near the kitchen during winter.
My grandma would tell me various stories including 
Mahabharata when I used to go to bed at night.
After hearing the stories from my grandmother, I used 
to sleep comfortably with my other brother at night.
I was blessed with hardworking parents who looked 
after domestic work and looked after our welfare.
Life is not going to be according to individual’s likes 
and dislikes but hard work is essential in life.
My father who left our island and reached to a new 
country, used to work hard in a shop to survive.
I met few people in village who taught me to work hard.
From that, I could learn definition of positive life.
With all the support and upbringing, I could 
learn how to achieve good and what is the real life.
Now, I am far happier than I was in fifty years, as timely 
diet was important to improve the health and mind.
I’ve had a blessed and happy life and I thoroughly enjoyed 
my retired life, but my leg pain was a burden.
I continuously penned my thoughts and evolved as an avid 
reader with compassion to write articles in leisure time.
My traveling to countries like Singapore, Dubai, UK and 
America has also inculcated the habit of writing more. 
I believe that man influences the environment through 
the moral and immoral qualities of his actions.

Barley Is a Versatile Grain

Barley is commonly found in bread, 
beverages, and various cuisines 
of every culture.

It is a wonderfully versatile grain 
that is prized for its nutty flavor 
and chewy, pasta-like texture.

Barley is a source of fiber, which 
helps lower the cholesterol in blood 
and reducing risk of heart disease.

The whole grains of barley reduce
the risk of diseases such as obesity, 
diabetes and heart disease.

The barley must be soaked overnight 
to reduce the cooking time and 
achieve flavor and texture.

After soaking the barley in twice its 
amount of water, it should be drained 
and rinsed before cooking.

I Reduce My Loneliness

I love to begin my day with prayer and
5am thankful for receiving blessings 
from God every day.

I pray to God every day, but I don’t 
chant any mantra or pray in
a specific manner.

I tell Almighty about my day who has 
been good to me and thank Him 
for everything He has given me.

I pray to Radha-Krishna and I feel 
blissful when I see a statue of Krishna 
who is garlanded with lotuses.

I feel that the sound of chants calms 
the mind, dissolves worries, and
purifies the heart.

I believe whatever has happened in life,
and seek the fullness to see happiness 
in an enlightened state.

Consumption of Healthy Food

Almond is rich in proteins, which plays a 
vital role in healthy food consumption. 

A plateful of sprouts and a glass of juice 
are requirements of a healthy lifestyle. 

Walnuts have been claimed to improve sleep 
quality and Nuts are the source of health.

Spicy foods can promote good circulation 
by opening up the blood vessels. 

Peppers are high in vitamin A and C which 
help strengthen arteries and blood vessels.

Ginger tea and green tea help in relaxing 
the body and mind and help for good sleep. 

Leafy green vegetables are rich with iron and
‘Kiwi is one of the best to eat before bed.

Drinking plenty of water helps digestion 
and warm milk makes you sleepy.

Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar is a retiree from the Indian Air Force. Having spent his tenure with IAF, Karmakar has traveled vastly in India and has picked up the habit of writing by interacting with people, sharing their experiences and reading articles. Over the years he has written a few romantic novels and poems in English.

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