By Driq Wright

You Will Never Know

you will never know what a person is going through unless you are in their shoes or been in their shoes. Anybody can say "I know how you feel or I got you" or use other slang words just to get their point across and interrupt you from talking. You will never know what a person is going through until you listen to their story with no judgment state of mind.  You will never know what a person is going through unless you trying to get closer or get to know that individual.  A loner in my definition is a person who likes to be alone so they won't have to deal with the drama from people and other things. A people person is the opposite of that  People rather judge than help,  hate than love, kill than bring peace. All the time when a person is hurting he or she needs a hug, a good laugh, and someone to have their back through the mud and to say that I love you with some action behind it. You will never know what a person is going through until you see that person commit a crime or do something wrong in the heat of the moment than you want to bring up questions like a therapist trying to get more info to use it or to tell people what happen just to start a conversation with someone that you barely know or try to get to know. You will never know what a person is going through until you see that individuals disappear for a long period.  no type of conversation until you see that person again wondering what happens and that person says a lot been going on and someone suggests to hit them up, but the feeling ain't right or that judgmental state of mind kicks in, but you will never know what that person can do or say to uplift your spirit or your life. You will never know what a person going through so stop judging and help someone.


why cheat on the one you say you love? What are you gaining from it? People say it's common in a marriage or a relationship, but how come both of you can't just talk it out. You should be able to talk to your partner about Everything, but you cheat to get their attention. In a bond, you should be able to have a conversation about what each other want out of the relationship and to satisfy both of your needs and not to go behind each other backs. When you put your all in a person and that individual cheats it's hurt, but don't try to get even let God handle that person. Why cheat with a temporary person for a permanent individual that gives you everything?

Too Much

when you have a big heart you tend to do so much for individuals until you realize it's too much when you don't get the same treatment in return. Nobody has the same heart nor the same motives so you have to be careful who you help, because they will take advantage of the kindness and use it to their strengths to get what they can get out of you. Playing you like a toy when it gets old, time to get a new one to play with, then lie saying I got your back when you need me or I'll pay you back just to keep prolonging the fact it will never happen just to say something to be talking with no proof just to give you hope.  Selfishness just on top of the list of what people be on. It's not right to take out your frustration on someone who tries to help you, because someone else did you dirty.  what is the point of doing for folks and they are so ungrateful wanting more, because they are not happy with what you gave and if you give it all to satisfy their needs you will never hear from them again.    When your heart is big, YOU tend to give more, but receive less and feel bad when your feelings getting abused by the society of misloved, selfish, and weaknesses you begin to turn dark on the inside unless you know how to release your anger. Sometimes it feels like God doesn't see you, but he does every time he wakes you up he is blessing you. When you do something for somebody don't talk about it nor look for them to throw a boomerang that is how individuals mess up on their blessings. If you do something from the heart let the lord reward you, he will send you something in return even if you did wrong, confess in your way. Just don't do too much, because too much can be turned into so much, and they using you like a puppet. Be careful who you help.


it happens when you let people run over you and take you for granted. Anger makes a person aggressive towards the wrong ones who try to help and the innocent ones suffer until the innocent ones don't care anymore

Negative energy can cause chaos and the eruption of good individuals losing their lives to petty stuff.  Anger comes from past pain, childhood trauma, bad relationships/friendship, and leftovers that builds over time without self-therapy. You have to get in a better environment and headspace to let that anger go. Letting the anger prolonged without help cause mental health issues, unnecessary, petty arguments, terrible behaviors, bad habits, and either death from natural causes.

A lot of individuals don't get the closure or the answers they need from a lot of issues, but sometimes a person's actions toward another individual on the deceiving end are the answers. Stop ignoring the red flag people often show.  Some people do leftovers which means leaving the person hurting without making it right, sometimes it's too hurtful and disrespectful to go back into a bad relationship or situation where there is no love, communication, or respect, but if there is a chance to make up what you have destroyed make amends. there are a lot of individuals who deal with anger from past situations or current situations differently than others and all the time they need help and don't know how to channel their anger into the talent they have. Therapy is good, but a lot of problems can't be fixed with communication just like prayer without action is terrible. 

Long lost love

 so many text messages through out the day,  late night phone calls extended for hours and pictures for pleasure don't nobody need to see. So far away, sometimes the wait is too long I need you now when I am having a hard time or to calm me down before I go to jail. This is biggest test to see can we be faithful and loyal to each other in temptation. The devil is going to come to destroy everything good especially what we built. We all fall once, but the second time doing the same thing that is a problem. You have to think before you stick and think before you lay up with someone, ask yourself is it worth it? Don't fall for the pleasure, fall for the action of love. When the trust is broken the relationship is doomed, but if you right your wrongs and change your ways there is hope. So far away we have to be patient and sacrifice if this what we truly want. It's okay to have friends, but don't tell them about the problems we are having or anything about our relationship. It's supposed to be a two way relationship not a three way, plus outsiders of a relationship works for the devil and only care about their pleasure, so they will make you create feelings, go on dates or for drinks and make you lie, and destroy our relationship. I have to let you go because I love you, but if it's meant to be you will be back if not we just each other wasted each time

That special someone

We all need that special someone to balances us when the devil trying to let our emotions take over to hurt someone or destroy something. To balances us from ignorant individuals who try push us to the edge and take our freedom away. To balances us from a hard time at work when employees or employer frustrations getting high. We need that soft kiss when our lips are chaped, tight hugs for appreciation and hard times, a massage to the body to release the tension, and heat for our bodies when everything is turning cold. We need to bring back being loved and cherished, we can make an example of that. We can show the difference in being in love and staying in love by blocking every devil tactics of breaking us up, focused on each other, coming together and sticking close to each other When problems in the relationship rise, becoming excited to see another and ignoring anybody who try to destroy us. We may not agree with each other, but let's not make a small issue into a brawl of words or physical abuse mess up a great relationship. We all need that special someone to make a difference in our lives when times get rough, not just with words but with actions of love. 

Falling out of love? 

How can we fall out of love with each other? Maybe a mistake you can't forgive at the moment and you are shocked about How it went down or who it went down with? Probably someone in your rearview mirror or front of your face telling you the opposite of good about me, taking advantage of the situation, and playing with your emotions? Its a battle every day with the devil trying to get innocent individuals to do harm and cause pain to other people, also it's a battle trying to keep a relationship, a marriage, a friendship, and a situation from falling apart in the hands of the devil over something small. The devil comes from every corner if you allow that bad spirit to come in and disrupt anything good. If you love and don't show it you are wasting other people's time talking, but if you put action behind your words certain individuals will understand. If you let a distraction turn you away from me and the love I am giving you, our relationship was not meant to last long. 


in love for the first time a person gets attached when it's their first kiss, first relationship, their first time making love, and their baby. In life, people get too attached to worldly things if it's their first time getting it or the benefit from it causing that individual to not let go. People can let you down by their actions and words, the world is changing so does individuals, something or someone in their life either did something terrible, change their way of thinking, or hurt that individual and it is affecting their mind. To see things better, you must detach yourself from certain people and terrible situations to see God, the truth, and God's love for you. There are evil, beautiful, and confusing individuals with crazy mindsets and wild logic in the world and sometimes you will never know why that person is like that because most of it started from childhood, a bad relationship, something out of their control, and past or recent situations. Only God can change an individual from evil to good in his way, but don't get too attached just to get hurt over again. The only one you are supposed to get attached to is God because he will not let you down or tell your secrets.

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