By Ezekiel Angela Iyeh

Rhythm rises from the east,
quiet symphony comes in a cold sweat.
All kinds of melodies, to dancing 
strong earth and swinging old pine
trees. From time as old as the 
mountains and to a hundred lifetime.
There she lives, with pleasant echo. 
Each piece of music to Its kind and 
from the mountain of men came
a shallow cry as she swings about, 
city and town enchanting every 
being of nature. Hooting owls eavesdrop, 
mockingbirds with clapping wings and
flowers with graced incense. she 
has awakened the tempest and ocean 
groans in a deep rich voice, 
Jingling the melody of her songs.
from rising suns and falling leaves to
falling suns and rising forest.
With soothing calmness, the river is
lured to finding quiet. Her notes are of
the air with music to charm the heart.

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