By Brielle Amick

I catch myself lying to you often 
Trying to soften my words
I hide my true meaning, 
but on the inside I’m screaming 
Screaming to let you know how much it burns
It burns my throat to think about letting you go,
 but it burns my soul to think about ever letting you know
that I’ll never come back
I want to be alone
You need to leave me alone to grieve us because I know I’d be better off
We weren’t made for one another 
We set each other a blaze but only in a furious rage because we can’t ever agree
We can’t ever see eye to eye
You’re just not that type to get what it’s like to see from my side
You have too much pride
And I don’t have courage to force you out but I’m a terrible liar you see right through me so you lash out in Agee and I tell you how it felt to be with you 
I know it crushes you
You ask why you’re always the villain and I have to say you’re putting words in my mouth but we both know that we’re just going to start to shout and neither one will hear the other so why do we bother 
We need to just let go.

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