By Joseph T. Moran

Sight Beyond the Stars

Standing at the precipice brings much into view.
The depths below, the distant horizon,
The night sky above.
But few see clearly at the cliff’s edge. 

With some unable to lower their gaze....
Or staring straight down.
Many scan the horizon for monuments, searching intensely....
As if seeing history makes it.

A growing number turn away, and, ignoring a road well traveled, 
Stare into a lens....manufacturing moments for display.
Others though....
Simply gaze at the stars. 

From this vantage, stargazers survey the universe as it is, but also as it was....
Aware of the whole, but awash in billions of ancient lights ending prehistoric voyages.
A few may lose themselves in the starscape, 
And fantasize of colonizing the solar system or wayfaring to distant worlds.

But the night sky is more than a glimpse of the’s a mirror of sorts. 
Similar to deep, still denies absolute sight of what lies beyond....
But when viewed just right....
A reflection appears for the vigilant observer. 

It is then, at the brink....humanity is seen among the stars.
And with this perspective....
Perhaps we may be mindful of what we bring with us, 

As we break the stillness of space.

Words that Starve

Your sour speech has past
     And I weep upon our bed. 
So you feed my heart a future
     Of fickle hope instead

Joseph T. Moran, J.D. is a trial attorney and creative writer having published both legal and creative works. His legal work has been featured in the Illinois State Bar Journal and his creative works in publications such as Aphelion and 365 tomorrows. (These works include publications under the former pen name Javen J.) As a creative writer he often utilizes poetry and fiction to portray issues of human nature and morality in fantastical and speculative environments.

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