By Kian Zehtabian

Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of heaven are your eyes
Shining in the depths of night
And breaking every barrier of darkness
And they call me if I’m a cat 
Finding its way through the forest
And as I’m a scorpion mother shielding her children 
In a desert more than million miles 
Every man would willingly purify himself
With drowning himself in a holy sea of fire
Ignited with your glance
So he is touched
By the glimpse of your eyes
In this kingdom no child ever cries
No women will be filled with purple on her body
But only with rainbows in her mind
Bushes will turn into fine trees 
and red roses will never die
kingdom of heaven are your eyes
lost in distant space
where no naked eye dares to track or watch
and distant from ground of planets
where no man’s foot will ever touch
nor any god will ever create or crush
your eyes are the holy place of my resurrection
my house of eternal afterlife 
even by the time I lose my intellect and mind
kingdom of heaven are your eyes

My Mother

My mother’s eyes were black
Dark yet comforting and auric  like an eastern woman
She cooked spaghetti with a home-made sauce
Called a mother’s love
I used to sense hope in her veins 
And smell passion out of her hands
While she was talking to grand mommy 
About fanatic and stone-aged minded eastern man
One was my father, one was my teacher
And one was the supermarket man
And a butcher whom I have wiped from my memories
Who sold fresh meat to young women
Who saw women as fresh fish
Taken while resting in the depth of sea
life was so and felt like a rainy forest
yet a forest with an cozy hut in its depth
called us,called family
It all passed like a dream
and the years passed like a smooth wind in summer
oh mother oh me i hoped that it stayed a dream
Then went I to a deep sleep
Hoping to see my mommy brighter than yesterday
Like the sun was rising everyday
Then tomorrow came like a sinister faith waiting for our home
Mommy was there like always 
But her hair was gray and cold
Grandmother was gone, mother was gazing into abyss
No matter the imaginary, reality stayed forever bold 

The Chest in My Heart

One night I sensed a void
In the box I carry in my chest
From January till December
And from season of all being reborn
Till the time nature builds a castle of frost.
I used to sense a harmony
Of young caged birds singing hope
To fly once again in skies
Before their wings forever unifies with ground.
Thus I pierced my hand in my chest
Whilst only fog covering the realm inside
And blankness seemed to fill the void
And endless lands touching my naked hand
Unseen in fog like snakes cloaked there
Surviving glance of hawks
Grasped I the note left there by you.
“I do not reside here anymore”
your lines dropped there, an epiphany to me
of all our sharing moments once upon a time
in this mirage in my deserted mind.
Now void was not in my heart
                                                    But enfolded me all.

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