By Frances Leitch


No one did talk
to me while I sunned
by the sea
No one did wave a hand
or sing a song
But all the while
the waves rolled on
The heart of the sea
breaking endlessly
upon the shore
A sunny smile     
anchored to me

Sea Legs

When glancing back
o'er the map
of what appeared to be
the course of destiny
One does see
many a course to take
many a destination
one did not quite make
And still the ship appears
to have a rudder
by which to steer
That grows stronger
year by year
The waves curl and break
fill the soul with majesty
One slowly does grow 
to be the captain

Sail On

Sea shells gather
upon a string
and thoughts of wandering
along the distant shore
As in years before
touch the dawn
ride life’s sea
like a gypsy
voyage to the sun
In every life
the world should
be won
And a song
of happiness sung
Sail, said the little ship
Sail on

Sea Song

Sung on and on
Like an operatic tune
As waves curl and break
upon the shore
The serenade of ocean
waters flow across
the sands of time
Flow with the wind blow
More and more roll on
Sea song

Lighthouse Be

The lighthouse
on the edge of the sea
Standing there
for you and me
A relic of antiquity
Still waiting, shining still
Here its light be
Lighthouse of the rock land
by the mighty roaring sea
looking out for you and me
Lighthouse Be

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