By Andrew Scott


Thomas is staring out his stained window,
trying to process the mess that was made.
The damage done in less than six months.

The exact start of the descent
is blurry in Thomas’ mind.
So much has done on, it runs together.

Flashes of memory creep in as reminders.
Little smiles over months
that lured the brain in.
It was enough to start the lie.

Thomas started with telling
his wife about new work hours.
Sadly, she believed him.
Giving more opportunity in time
for Thomas to roam and explore.

He met the new lady of his dreams,
eyes fluttered at him
in a rehearsed dance.
Thomas had only experienced his wife,
he was not ready for the true plan.

As they waltzed a new dance
Thomas ignored the past life
and the woes that came with it.
If you ignore it will go away
or so Thomas thought.

Papers brought to him on the old life
while Thomas was trying to
balance the alluring new one.
Monies going in every direction.
So hard to focus.

The job was the first to go.
Distracted, Thomas hurt
another employee on the job site.
Good paying job turned to dust.

Without monies, the new lifestyle
ran dry and left without notice.
Thomas torn that she did not care.

With Thomas’ tail between his legs
he tried to open a closed door.
Knock as he may, the pain kept it shut.

Thomas looks out his stained-glass window
of the only place to sleep.
Asked his parent for an old room
that embraces his pain
that Thomas cannot admit
that he inflicted on himself.

April 2, 2021

©Andrew Scott – Just A Maritime Boy 2021

Angry Sea

The waves of the sea
are angry at us all
for what our souls have become.

Bombs are burning the sister sky.
Families ding as they land
while we watch the horror
without blinking an eye
or saving a soul.

The sea watches us,
becomes violent
at every injustice we perform,
crashing to land.
Its waters taking
what we do not appreciate.

A plague is spreading
to all corners of the earth.
Searching for a cure
while citizens are not
protecting others.
Spreading a death sentence.

Waves crashing into the coast
taking people away
with each strike
to even the score.
The sea is full of rage.

Tsunamis are taking
communities away,
washing homes to the sea.
Revenge waves.

Seas are red
from watching the damage
that we are doing.
Harming each other intentionally.
Our greed has taken hold.
Seas are rising,
fists drawn
and it is our fault.

May 19, 2021

©Andrew Scott – Just a Maritime Boy 2021

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