By Jegadeesh Kumar

Have broken a coconut
In front of Ganesha to 

Come flourishing in exams.
Read theological comics,

Debated who  was powerful,

Vishnu or Vinayaka?

When the eye of reasoning opened,

Discerned God is not many but one. 

With closed eyes, have knelt before the lord

Praying for A.C.T.S,

Until knees wore out, tears dried up

Have concurred with random philosophies

You are God! Realize and be quiet!

Devour your soul, all will be clear
If Kundalini is pierced, a beautiful thing will
Blossom inside your skull:
Subscribed to someone’s doctrine
God, the universe all are fantasies
Nothingness is the only reality
Said Buddha, I stood stunned
Who’s watching that void?
Would he too disappear
If the void ceases to be?

The basic forms of prayer are adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, and supplication, abbreviated as A.C.T.S.

Jegadeesh Kumar is a student of eastern philosophy, Mathematics teacher, writer, and translator, raised in Southern India, now living in South Carolina, USA. He writes in English and Tamil.  His works have appeared in Prometheus Dreaming, Indian Periodical, Spillwords, The Academy of Heart and Mind and elsewhere.

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