By Driq Wright


why would you force yourself into a relationship? Why are you staying and you hurting? Why would you be there for somebody that can't do the same for you? Why are you trying to love someone who doesn't love you? These are questions you need to ask yourself if you are in a loveless relationship. We all have problems, but if you can't talk it out with your spouse


they are not for you. Life is too short and too precious to be in a domestic relationship. Every person deserves to be treated with respect even though some might not know what that or that person is bitter and


to receive love. If a person doesn't know how to love then chances are that individual will not love you. You can't change a person for who they are, you either accept it or move on. You can't love a person who doesn't know how to love. You are better


this, it's time to go and live your life freely without a dead relationship. It's going to hurt to let go, but you are better off being by yourself. Love don't suppose to hurt or harm anybody it's just the person who you choose to love.  Know


worth and you don't have to be with anybody to feel complete. 


 what are words without no action that is like a train without no wheels.  Let's come back together and make amends, but we have to see eye to eye, we have to support each other, have each other's backs, and never let a third person or money come in between our friendship. Let's not cross each other until the point of no return. Let's put God in front of our friendship and fight the devil. I want the love to stick with us like a tattoo, it can display what we have been through.  Be aware of what you do to a person it can cause a lot of damage on the inside and turn bad on the outside. It can lead up to the worst things only a person can't imagine. It's all about how you treat a person at the end of the day. You don't know what that person going through in their brain one bad word can tick that individual off and then the whole situation can go left, like all these school shootings, and crimes in America.  Most of the time I wish that we can just press rewind before the situation falls apart so we can talk about the issues. Let's settle things without causing harm or damage to our bodies and ourselves. Release the hate from your heart by getting rid of all the devils in your life and I will be there to help you. In the heat of the moment, there is no telling what a person will do like a fire is burning to give a reaction that you have to do something quickly.  Let's work together.  


teamwork makes the dream work. Two minds are better than one. The sayings are true, but do people understand the concept and what it means about working together? There are different people with their theories about life and working together, but one thing you can't go wrong with is working together with the right person can make things easier.  Some people like to do things based on What he or she have been taught, what they saw, or just use to doing things by themselves. The reason why we as a people are so distant, divided, is because of trust. In a team, you have to trust your teammates like football, basketball, and baseball players when they achieve their goals. A lot of people are hurt by trusting people due to broken hearts and being betrayed.  The best way to work through that is to guard your heart, keep your eyes open, and don't fall for anything. Working together with your coworkers, friends, or family is the best thing ever when everyone is on the same accord.


 there are different types of change. A person can change for the good or the bad based on situations or a tragic experience. You can run into someone that treats you badly or good and the outcome can make your heart turns sour. It takes a strong willing mind to reject what a person has done wrong and continue doing good by other people. Learn from the experience, but don't Use it against anybody, because if you don't no lessons are being taught. How do you expect to change the situation if you don't change yourself or your mindset? You can't base your opinion on what people say and their expression at the end of the day only you matter.    Use the experience as a wake-up call to change for the better. To change the situation, you have to look within yourself because we all have something to change and prove within ourselves. Don't let the negativity of this new generation and society change your mind. Go by WHAT the lord says because he is the one that has your life in his hands. God also works in mysterious ways he can turn the bad into the good plus he will do everything in your favor just go to him with your problems. To change you have to change your surroundings from negative to positive and watch how God works. Don't follow trends do your own thing, because trends are just like seasons, money, material things, people, and the weather they all come and go.

United as one

can we stop all the madness and come together. Forget all the pain that was caused give It to God and let go. Sadly, we can all come together at a funeral showing fake love to the person in the casket like that person can see or feel it. How about at a family gathering while we are here on this earth still living. Don't matter what color or race we are all one big family in the eyes of God. The devil trying to divide us with these crimes, racism, secrets, selfishness, envy, etc. We have to stand against the hate. Why hate or talk about somebody when you can just help and love as God love you? Why would you say you love somebody without any show? your words speak volumes, but your actions are more powerful. Let's stand together and fight the hate that surrounds your community and the world. Racism and hate are taught, let's get rid of that negatively and teach positive in our community. United as one. 

True love

true love comes from above, it's not meant to be chased. I agree if you want to be with a person shoot your shot, but if you get turned down in any way then it's not for you. God put people in your life for a reason and a season, in due time you will understand who is who by their action when times get hard.  Love is not the same anymore, because certain people trying to take God out of everything, and also they are forcing themselves on other people who don't deserve their presence. In my opinion, true love exists when two people have the same things in common like peanut butter and jelly coming together to make a great sandwich or like a house that is built from the foundation with bricks. It's best to get to know a person for who he or she is and not for what that individual has. Material things don't matter and it doesn't last. God can put anything together if only you believe and trust him. 


why would you lose years of friendship for your selfish and greedy needs. Why would you betray my trust and put a fork in my heart? Why pillows talk or talk bad or cause infidelity in a two-way relationship? In a relationship of two individuals, third and fourth parties are not allowed if they are not helping each other. It gets messy when you add other individuals to a two-way relationship and it hit hard when the same individuals you added cause havoc, pain, and a breakup in the relationship.  Betrayal hits deeply when it's someone close to you and all the time it's about the stupidest thing to beef over. We need to have a conversation without violence to see what is the problem. Why would you let the devil come in between a great partnership? Do you recognize some individuals who want to destroy anything good because they are miserable? Do you understand people hurt and use other people who have good hearts than turn to cold hearts? so many individuals are hurting and don't know how to heal, but in revenge, they either date while hurting or jump into other people's lives and hurt them. They listen to stupid individuals they called their friends who say mingle after a breakup or say the best way to get over someone is to get someone else. You can't damage others while you damage and leave that person to self-destruct on their own. It turns bad when their actions result in violence all because of one damaged person. Why hurt someone you love and betray your people for money, opportunities, or an individual? 


would you stay with me when times get hard and things get unbearable. Would you help me instead of praying for me? prayer without works is dead so help me. God works in different ways than us, so I prayed for an angel, a friend who can be there, would you be there with me? I am yearning for love and understanding of what is the purpose of my life when things go sideways. Can you be there when my mind starts wondering like that: Being challenged, in a toxic environment, and being stressed when things are not going right can trigger a person mental health to do evil things or get mad over small situations or leads to killing someone or suicide because certain individuals can not deal with stress and pressure. Would you stay and be there when times like this get worse. Would you stay if I confess my feelings to you and start opening up to you without you gossiping about what we talk about to others? The only way the trust would work is if we both open up to each other and communicate about everything. Don't lie to just make a fool out of me like these political parties, candidates who try to run for office, and people who hurt people. A third party in a two-way relationship is confusing and is a problem because you don't know who they are talking to, what their motives are, and what they are doing behind the scenes. Can it just be the two of us that can make a great, loveable, understanding, and heartfelt relationship or friendship? Would you stay while everyone who was faking is disappearing and showing their true colors? When times get rough, when money gets low, and when someone falsely accused you of doing something wrong is when a person can see who is there and who is not. Would you stay if I get abandoned, beaten, and abused by society, my own people, and life? Would you stay until God called me home? 

A bad rotation

there is a bad rotation of evil going around, crime after crime, kill after kill, corruption after corruption, cheating after cheating, and using people after using people. This type of behavior is the absolute worst especially when you are hurting the innocent ones that love you.  Why would you destroy an innocent soul with bad words and petty behaviors all because someone hurt you? Why become such a difficult person to live with or be around just because you are hurt by an individual stupid demeanor towards you? Use people - use people, hurt people - hurt people, we need to stop this behavior. Don't follow what you saw or seen or repeat what people had done to you. Don't follow the trend of evil and what you have experienced in your past relationships. Please get some help and be by yourself, because the worst things an individual can ever do is date while he or she is hurting and bring baggage on an innocent individual who trying to love. We have to stop this, there are too many innocent souls being destroyed by the devil and his team. Get away from people who have bad energy, but help them if they want it ( it's up to the person if they want to get out of the situation). All the time your family members are the worst ones that hate, use, and hurt people, but it's always best to be by yourself, let the individual who is hurting you go, and let God fight your battles. Don't let the devil and his team change you from good to evil. 

Emotions run over

emotions take over when you don't have any power or strength to handle the situation that is destroying you, so Instead of getting out of the situation and moving on, the one who is trying to show differently and loves you get hurt by your words and actions. Mentally, the situation you going through can cause you to cope and grieve in a way that can destroy your health. Also can cause depression, suicide, and other mental health illness behaviors because you don't know how it happened or you blame yourself or you fall and love that individual too hard to let go. Emotions and feelings get involved when you repeat the same pattern of the person who is hurting you instead of moving on and trying to heal. Physically, the situation can result in Domestic Violence and crimes, instead of talking about the situation and the issues, you have to get outside people in your business to calm the situation then it becomes an embarrassing moment to have your private business out in public. A person can be in a rage from what had happened back in the day, holding on to hurt, or not being treated right either on the job or at home. One thing that hurts the most is seeing a person you love getting done wrong and you can't do anything about it. Help somebody in silence, heal before you self-destruct, and control yourself emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

What is a friend

these days people are using that word like a tattoo OR a trend to make it cool. Yea we all need someone to lean on when times get rough, but your true friend is your creator. Everyone you meet ain't your friend until you get to know that person or y'all been through tough times together.  friendships start from the bottom that is the way you know it's real when both have conversation, understandings, respect, and love for each other. It's so hard to find good people let alone with a good friend because selfishness is the new trend now and the devil is the ruler. The only way a person can tell a good friend is when they look out for you when you are in need and you do the same thing that what is you call a good friendship plus those the type of people you have to keep around.   It's best to be careful who you call your friend and who you associate your business to because loyalty ain't the same anymore. People come and go like seasons and the weather; moreover, God brings people in to teach a lesson and to form a blessing.  moochers who always want a handout but never dish out when they have something. The only thing that an individual wants is your presence or when you come through with a hand full of favors and then lie saying I'll pay you with no confirmation that you not will get it back.  A friend is supposed to help not harm, accept you not judge, have your back not go against you. It's a 50/50 type of friendship, not 50/40 because we all need someone to console when there is nobody around to hear you cry. What is a friend to you?

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