By Sandip Saha

Nobody is safe anywhere

Wild fire in Australia 
wild fire in California
devastating uncontrollable
days weeks months together
it not only polluted air
killed so many animals
people left their home
when came back
they got only ruin.

Winter comes these days
freezing everything
snow and snow everywhere
nobody dares to go out
power supply gets cut
people shiver in cold.
Europe America 
nobody is spared.

Rain is flooding whole world
India China Europe America
cloud burst and flash flood
turning all roads into hilly rivers
cars bikes even human washed away
nobody is safe anymore anywhere.

My oasis of life

In the desert of life, I find
oasis in travelling countries
lush green landscapes
golden crops flooding fields
hills with snow here and there
adjoining crystal-clear lakes
charming chilly weather 
so comfortable and enjoyable
our airconditioned coach was
running at a high speed
from Bergen in Norway to 
Oslo in Sweden and then to
Copenhagen in Denmark,
a fabulous experience.
The journey through the bridge
over sea sixteen kilometer long 
out of which four kilometers 
tunnel was under the sea
an artificial land joining the two
was so splendid to tell the least.

We also travelled 
hundreds of miles a day
with fellow tourists
from Los Angeles
to Los Vegas to
San Francisco or
overnight staying
at Fresno stopping
on the way after every two hours
at gas filling stations that were
combined with restaurants
where we used to take lunch
or snacks as we liked.

Those were the days 
laden with golden memories
so different from torturous 
everyday life 
when one problem or the other
always bothers me 
as though the creator
is taking tax at every step
to proclaim its supremacy
just as dreaded goondas harass
the inhabitants in a locality.

Rituals are of a little value

Followers of every religion
practice rituals to be called
as people of a particular faith.
For almost all religions 
whatever used to be obeyed
long ago are no longer feasible
to do for practical difficulties.

During the pandemic burial
or cremation could not be
meticulously done. 
Those who were supposed to be buried
were burned due to the lack of space.
In most of cases no puja was done
before putting body on fire or 
child did not light funeral pyre of parents.

The rituals have very limited value
in religious life though priests and 
mullahs show extremism to prove
that they are the real followers.

The soul of every religion is in the
spiritual part of it that uplifts a
human to a better human or even
makes them attain enlightenment.

Without medical treatment

It was a Bengali new year day
I sent electronic cards to my siblings
in reply I was appalled getting
a phone call, my sister was crying
she informed that our eldest brother
was sick and a nurse was employed.
He was unable to go to the toilet
not talking much, needed feeding.
I consoled her and decided to visit him
but news came my younger brother
staying in the same house got 
corona infection, to be hospitalized.
The situation compelled me to cancel
the visit to my ailing brother 
for the fear that the house was
contaminated by the corona virus.

The next day early morning
my sister telephoned me and informed
our eldest brother expired and
accused me for letting him die
without medical treatment.
The body was lying for more than
six hours and nobody was helping
to arrange his cremation out of the fear
of getting infected by the virus.

I arranged to get the councilor’s number
asked my sister-in-law to telephone him who 
did the needful by his own people.
My younger brother’s wife was relieved
from a great crisis since she was alone.

Circumstances again pulled me down
my sister ever angry with me
wanted my son should do all 
post cremation ceremonies since
my eldest brother did not marry.
I vetoed saying my dead brother
gifted his part of the property
to my younger brother’s adopted daughter
though my son was the real inheritor.
In-fact I could not send my son 
for performing the job also for corona fear.

So long all events were directed by the virus
but my sister started shouting at me telling
all derogatory words which I digested
under the given perspective. 
But she did not stop and went on insulting me
at last, I reacted cutting off all relations with her.

The lady died within one and half month
due to the heart attack in just fifteen minutes.
Here also she expired without medical help.

Sandip Saha is from India. He has won award and became finalist in poetry contests in USA. He published three poetry collections including “Trial of God”, “Loving women” by Amazon, 2021, one poetry chapbook, “Toast for women”, Oxford, UK, 2021 and 91 poems in 31 journals in five countries including India, USA, UK.

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