By Alex Andy Phuong


Different from
An online search engine.
Seeing underwater,
And experiencing
The aquamarine.
Life under the sea
Is more than a dream.
The heart of the ocean
Potentially connects
With the soul,
And as the world remains whole,
Changing perspectives
Could cause people
To see beyond the retrospective,
And have the willpower
To forgive,
And truly live

Glimmers of Light

Glimmer in the light
Try through personal might
And overpower strife
For the power within
Starts with the willpower
To begin.
Even with the plight
Keep on doing
And going
Without worrying about
The light fading away
Because there really is
No day but this only day
And express thankfulness
And gratitude
That even with ineptitude
The right attitude
Can make life feel like
Another day of sun
Filled with fun
With the choice
To share one’s own voice
To shine through


A grading scale
That could make
Students wail,
Yet guidelines
Are a part
Of the tale
Of life,
And that story could
Potentially change
If people actually do
What they should,
And not just could
Or would.


Passing time
Poetic rhyme
Swimming with Dory
Continuing the story
For many difficulties
Are only temporary,
So transcend and mend,
And find harmony once again


The length of life
Is not the same as
Especially because
Of restrictions
Within reality,
Yet it is still plausible,
And also possible,
To cope with those
When people
Do what they can
Until everything is fine
Once again

Everyday Every Day

In spite of daily monotony,
Like when Belle walks around her
little town,
Life itself does not always involve
Ball gowns.
Within reality,
Modern modernity
Remind how much
The world changes,
And only the ones willing
To accept life for what it is,
Are able to forgive,
And finally live,
But only with the choice
To share one’s voice.
Will you?


Abiding by the rules
While abandoning
A Ship of Fools
Is one of the tools
To cope with reality.
Has proven
That society
Shifts along
The passage of time,
And authors
Are sometimes radical
Without the mathematical
To offer newfound insights
Into the incalculable
Because of the willpower
To surmount
The insurmountable,
But also remembering
The forces beyond personal control
In a real world that is whole

Mesmerize and Memorize

The need to memorize
Could help students in school,
Yet life itself is its own educator,
And while memorizing
Is a helpful tool,
Some people will never become
Capable of independent thought,
So summon up the courage
To dazzle the worldly stage,
While remaining calm
Like a peaceful sage,
And add beauty to the Earth
By living a noble life
Begun since birth

Bittersweet Sense of Taste

Unpleasant taste
Different texture than paste
Lot’s wife turning into
A pillar
Of salt,
Yet not everything
Is a specific person’s fault,
For all the people on Earth
Began life at birth,
And contributing to the Earth
Can allow people to look back
And remember that they
Really did something
With the gift of the one
And only life

Past the Future

The past is in the past,
As Elsa had sung,
Yet the bygone eras
Are not necessarily forgotten,
For some memories endure
While the mature choose to stay pure,
So warm the heart,
Enrich the mind,
And soothe the soul,
In a world that is newly whole,
For things happened the way they did,
And utilize the Superego instead of the Id
For the universe forbids
Atrocity within modernity,
And pave a better future
While establishing a newfound identity

Alex Andy Phuong earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from California State University-Los Angeles in 2015.  He was a former Statement Magazine editor who currently writes about literature, film, and culture.  He has written film reviews for more than one hundred motion pictures for MovieBoozer, and his writing has appeared both online and in print.  Alex is a writer who dares to support the ones who pursue their dreams.

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