By Solahudeen Ridwanullah O.

Dear moon,
Hear, this silent echo is my budget
Anytime you wish to break into those strange homes
 Through any shattered wall
Like a thief in the night
Take me along
Let me be your light
That I may rob the night of its darkness
For the chicks who'd want to play before you
Dear sun,
Hear, this silent echo is my budget
When next you want to reach out to the soil
 I'd love to be your heat
To turn their foes into vapour
 That'd go up in the space
 And vanish like the historic Lálá
Who went up to battle God
Dear Jubril,
Feather me from your feathers
I really want to go volant like you
To liberate the Ibrahim(s) on earth
From the bayonet of human tribulation
Dear Israfil,
 Share me your trumpet
 I'd return it before the last hour
 I need to blow life into bones
That when they rose
Only then,
My chest could puff out with pride
Like I've swallowed up the Strathclyde
God, see
See trials as they're rooted on the earth
Like rows of corn
Entwined behind their pod
Unto Ye lies my fate
Let Thy fate obey

Writing evolves from thought, and so, a thinker was born in that land of virtue, Osun state, Nigeria. Ridwanullah is a lover of God and His creatures, including nature. Thusly, this preoccupated most, if not all of his works.  He is a Level 1 Law student of Bayero University, Kano, Kano state. He was the winner of MSSN 2019 Best Essayist Award. He won Barr Mahmud Kola Adesina SAN AMIS Osun state Best Essayist Award in 2020. His works—Tornado Years and Without Despair earned him first place in the Stars prize, 2020. He was 2nd Essayist of the Year 2019 at Brain Builders International. His works are up, and coming on Spillwordsmag, Almirath Magazine, the shallowtales review, Feeds lit, inter alia. 

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