By Katja R. Philipp

Mornings after

Finding song
In morning bird
Where the sun radiates
Inside & through

The flower pedals move
In dance
A turn of neck
Of elegance and glare

The poet at loss for words
For a world so rich and alive
Turns to song

Rhythms bespeak of ritual
And ceremony is imbued with it

Repeating ancient hymns
Of tongues long forgotten,
The act of remembering

A true revelation
A revolution
A form of resilience

In the cosmic condition.

The squander

The thing is
Quite simple
And frankly…
Forget about it!
No, no, no
And yet, she sighed.

A stance needed to take
Like a footprint on the ground
Legible for the initiated
Understood by the tribal

Wandering for too long
Engages energy that
Squanders, seized up
In the noise of casualty.

Saying no is freeing.

Taking a stance is the 
Necessary friction in life
To ignite fires that fuel
Passions and move us

From within.

Afternoon renderings of mind

As refrain
Continually spinning
Heard as line in
My mind’s ear
Tired of repetition
I string along
Until a clear
Thought arises:
Time to move.
Go for a walk,
Will you?
And then the transformation
Takes place
Inside out …

Do it anyway

Thought process rising
Music playing and guitar picking
Love songs about longing
And despair

The blues – are not felt in a 
Time but across space 
Captured on record
For another forevertime to play

Pay homage to the past
As it gets evoked in the presence
Cycles of samsara
Ceaselessly repeat

Yet consciousness lights up
The load
And wires the mind differently
In the everyday appreciation

A riff repeats
A buzzing in the amp
Bluegrass vocal timbre
A give away


The dervish spins in
Time to dance with the fairy
Tale to be told, again!

Katja R. Philipp
Haiku with drawing
February 20, 2021

Katja R. Philipp is a German-Canadian artist/designer living in Montreal. She is currently finishing her Ph.D. in Communication at Universite de Montreal, and holds a BFA in Studio Arts and an MA in Media Studies from Concordia University. Philipp writes poetry and creative fiction to give a voice to the silence that resides in the in betweens.

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