By Denis O’Sullivan

What’s Wrong With the World?

What has
Become of
This sad 
And pathetic world 
A world 
We’re there 
Is no 
Empathy or compassion 
A world 
Of selfish people 
Who couldn't careless 
About anyone else 
But themselves 
And wouldn't 
Even help you 
If you 
Asked them 

What happened 
To the world 
That I 
Grew up
In where 
People were 
Kind and caring 
And would 
Do anything 
For you 
Now days 
People are 
Only looking out 
For themselves
And would 
give you 
A blind eye 
Even if 
You look 
At them

For the 
Future of 
This world 
Is beyond 
Our control 
And if 
We don't 
Change what 
Happening in 
This world 
Then eventually 
Only God 
Knows what 
Lies ahead
And there 
Mightn't be 
A world 
For us 
To live in
We live 
In a
Condescending and 
Denying world 

Cause I'm 
A strong believer
In teaching 
Our children 
To live 
By peaceful means 
I'm also
A strong believer
In teaching 
Our children 
That hostility 
Isn't a solution 
But a problem

Plea for Peace

What I 
Can't understand 
Is the 
reason why 
The world leaders 
Aren't doing 
Anything to
help those 
Who are
Suffering in
The hands
Of man
As so
Many women 
And children 
Are trying 
Try to Flee 
From war 
And violence 
As quickly 
As they can 
Sure time 
Can pass by 
so quickly 
But yet 
We tend 
To forget about 
the children 
In third 
World countries 
Who are
Dying from 
Malnutrition and disease
And yet
World leaders 
Are spending 
Trillions on 
Military weapons 
So they 
Can prove 
That their better 
Just because 
Of their Love
For Power 
And greed
And as
world leaders
do what 
They want 
And as they
Put a 
Gun into
A soldier's hand 
With the
Aim to kill
And as 
so many soldier’s 
sacrificed their lives 
And will 
One day 
Always ask 
This question still 
Why were
They involved 
In a war
That had
Nothing to do
With them 
And who
Didn’t want 
To fight 
Against their 
own will 
And as
The flag
Is unfurled
As we
Remember those 
who lost 
Their lives
And with 
So many 
Never made 
It home 
We’ll do 
What we
Can to 
Keep their 
Memories alive 
But why 
Did we 
interfere In 
a war that 
Had nothing 
To do 
With us 
And maybe 
We shouldn’t of  
At the time 
And even 
Through they 
Sacrificed their lives 
For God 
And country 
To make 
Families proud 
Why did 
So many die 
So I hope 
One day 
You'll join us 
When the world 
Can live 
As one 
So that our
Children can 
In a
world without 
War or violence 
And hopefully
We'll hear
the sound 
Of children 
laughter again 
which was 
Once gone 

Together as One

If only
We could try
And live. 
With each other 
So that 
We can
All live 
As one  
A world 
Without war 
Or violence 
Or A
starving child 
To feed
But can you
Tell me  
What has 
This world become 
And if only 
I could 
Put our 
Trust in
The lord 
So he 
Can show us 
The path
That we 
Must go on  
And one day 
Be an example 
For the 
Next generation 
And if 
We showed more
Empathy and compassion 
Then maybe 
Would be 
A better place 
For everyone
What has
Happened to 
This world 
I wish  
I could 
Try to understand  
What future 
Has our children 
In a world 
That we 
Need to 
Change our ways 
If we can 
What would 
The world 
Be like 
Without Religion 
When we
Should all 
Try Live 
In this 
World as one
A world 
That hasn't 
War or violence 
And try  
To make 
An effort 
To get 
On with 
Our fellow man

Give Peace a Chance

Why world leaders 
Do you 
Happen to believe 
That war
Is a solution 
When all
It is
Is mans 
Love for 
Power and greed

As you 
hide away 
In your mansion 
Not giving 
A care
In the world 
About a
hungry child
to feed 
Who are
Dying from 
Malnutrition and disease 
Because they 
Have no 
Food to eat 

Will you
Stop playing with 
our world 
Like it's 
You're little game 
instead of trying
To see 
who's better 
And who 
Couldn't careless 
About those 
Who's suffering 
from distress and pain 

Why do 
Put a
Gun into 
The hand 
Of a solider 
With the
Aim to kill
As they 
Do it
In honour 
Of their country 
Or even 
Against their 
Own will 

Will you 
Be held responsible 
for the blood 
That flows 
From the 
Soldier’s body 
Just because 
Of your greed
If only 
You knew 
How to live 
In a
World without 
War and violence 
So we
Can all 
Live as one 
In a 
World peace  

Does Anyone Really Care?

Why is
It that  
the only 
concern that 
Politicians have 
Is what 
They can gain 
As we
Live in 
A world 
That has
Millions of Children
Dying from 
Malnutrition and disease 
And yet 
The richest 
Countries in
The world 
Are spending 
Trillions on
Military weapons
And couldn’t 
Careless about 
Those who 
Suffer from 
Torment and pain  

What has 
Become of world 
Have we 
Lost the  
Ability to show
empathy and compassion 
Towards our
Fellow man? 
Or have we
Lost the 
Understanding of love
So we can 
live together 
In a world 
Of peace and love
And make 
This world 
A better place again  

For we're 
One big 
Universal family 
And we
Should show 
Our children 
The suffering 
that people have 
To endure 
But you 
can sure 
It's something 
That we'll probably 
Never see 
but we
Need to 
Change our ways 
So we
Can save 
The world  
From disaster 
And war                                     

What's happening 
In this world 
We might  
Never be 
Able to 
Understand the
Reason why  
Could you
You could 
Imagine a
World without 
Religion or greed
So that 
We can 
Live in peace 
And tranquility 
in our lives 

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