By Fernanda Poblete Gonzalez

The Proposal

Let's deceive time,
so that you can look at me 
like the first time.
Smile at me without wanting to, 
and kiss me like yesterday.

Let's turn the world upside down,
just one more time,
to see the stars appear 
during bedtime. 

Let's forget fear and
let's jump with longing,
touching the sky 
without poison. 

Let´s allow the rain 
wash away the sorrows
and cultivate new goals,
to watch them grow inside the pot.

Let's start the adventure 
without ties,
despite the pain and disagree,
to finish the path where destiny intervened,
when we were in front of that Christmas tree. 

I want to…

I want to see 
the people I love,
to hug them without gloves,
and devour the world 
with my beloved.

I want to smile with 
my mouth uncovered,
without feeling smothered.

I want to take the hand of my lover,
to feel that I hover,
forgetting the suffer, 
and to go out on the street 
detaching myself 
from my bed cover.

I want the night 
with its old attributions,
that in the air 
dance the illusion,
disappearing the reclusion.

I want the world 
to trust again and
turn without spreading pain.


Let´s put together a puzzle
but from scratch,
so, no one knows the right pieces
nor the result that we will have.

Don't start before me,
let's start it together
so that we can both figure it out altogether. 

Let's go piece by piece
without haste,
to be completely safe.

Let's be a team
through thick and thin,
so that when a piece is missing
let's help each other finding it.

Let's put together a puzzle,
even if it seems nuts,
to see what the game
leads us. 

Fernanda Poblete González is a senior English Literature- Creative writing student with a minor in History in Lindenwood University. She is an international student from Chile who came to the U.S thanks to a sports scholarship in tennis. Since she was little, she always had a big imagination, which led her to write stories all day, focusing on the mystery and suspense genre. However, she recently finished writing her first fantasy novel, inspired by the Covid pandemic. Some of her pieces were published for the first time in 2021 in Arrow Rock Literary Journal.

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