By Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal

Safe From the World

Under a somber cloud 
I hear a distant echo
from the waves at sea.
Deep in the ocean 
or just half the way, 
a whole new world exists.
Great giant fish thrive
there. The sun is just
a white speck in the sky.
The waters are cool
and vast. There is a city
in the deep waters 
safe from the world above.

At the Foot of Night 

At the foot of night
the tortured stars 
hid behind tall trees
crying out for day.

Late morning, a sun,
burning, golden
in the horizon 
shined light like lasers.

The tall trees burned,
wept like human souls 
in search of relief.

The sun does not weep.
It feels no thirst
for a drop of water.

Do Not Bring Death to Life

Do not bring death to life.
The dying light would rebel.
The empty streets would 
increase by one. Freed death
would silence your lips.

Do not bring death to life.
Something bad would happen.
The vibrant would turn into
a shadow of themselves.

Oh, oh death, don’t take our freedom.
Do not take our love away.

Wait until Spring, centuries from now.

The Cardinal 

After Vicente Aleixandre 

The cardinal comes to the window.
It peeks in and peers all around.
Its pierce alone could shine a light on a shadow. The red feathers are majestic. Its cold stare is serious and inquisitive. I imagine a dark sea in its left eye and the bottom of the sea in its right eye. There is no fear in this bird. I picture it flying over seaweeds and illuminated by a setting sun and anointed by the holiest of waters.

Soft River 

I fell into a soft river.
Slowly I found its bottom.
Below bottom was another river.
Around the river was 
a place of deep peace.
I felt its rhythm consuming me.

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