By P. Oscar Cubillos

I have orange, pink, and red roses
many colors and shapes of tulips
gladiolus, nasturtium and peonies;
blue irises, lilacs and crepe myrtles.

I like the soft smell of the roses,
tomatoes’  smell is  very different
but still pleasant;
tarragon, basil and mint;
thyme, oregano and chive
remind me of a fresh dinner;
but best of them all,
I like the perfume
of my lemon verbena.

I have to take care of all:
roses get fungus and bugs,
tomatoes’ soil is dry, or too wet,
the deer are eating my plants.

Thus I am worried in summer,
spring, winter, and fall
about the health of my garden.
But I am  mostly worried
about the Garden of Eden
that is earth: our home.

 The whole earth does not seem well,
same thing for the undersea garden,
the deep underground, and the sky.
I know we will pay very dearly,
as well says Revelation eleven:
the gods will destroy those
that are destroying the earth.

P. Oscar Cubillos was born in Chile; he came to USA to get his Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Iowa, in 1976. Oscar has worked as a university professor, software engineer, and Math Teacher. Although Dr. Cubillos is new as published writer, he has been interested in literature, both as an avid reader, Oscar has been published in the Ariel Chart and The Muse Journal. Oscar’s other interests include classic music, chess, and history.

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