By Leah Brodsky

California Dreams

I dream of a time where I can go back to California,
Where I can see the surfers on the 
Waves in wetsuits protecting them from sorrow,
Where the food trucks have men 
Offering napkins to wipe away pain.

California is full of strangers, 
Of park rangers, 
And Avengers.

I like seeing strangers, 
People who I don’t know. 
People I see are new beginnings. 
They don’t know me. 
They will take me as I am.

I met a boy at an improv show,
Struggling to take a tow of fame and fortune.
He had a pretty face and 
Hopes and dreams made of lace.

I met a girl who liked to go to Rodeo Drive 
And try shoes on but never buy, 
See the mannequins and admire.
She wants to be a fashion designer.

I met a boy at a coffee shop 
Who loves Star Wars 
And wants to be in a big movie.

I like seeing streets of strangers, 
Full of Zac Efron life-size cutouts and conversations 
Waiting to happen about the water and the waves, 
About the news and the graves.
All types of life to talk about and 
To witness the beauty of, like a sunrise.

I dream of a time where I can go back to California, 
Go to a new home, 
Full of warmth
And strangers
With botched dreams.

Like mine.

Waves of Time

I see three children
Throwing a frisbee 
You giggle into the bubbles of the water
As the wind twists the flying saucer, 
Like time.

I see the couples who
Wander towards me, holding hands,
Splashing each other playfully
With my turquoise lassoes of hair.
I wonder if they’ll stay together
Or split in purple rain.

I see the elderly
Who are as old as time,
Who stumble cautiously 
Into my arms,
Waiting for the 
Circle of life to pass by.

Oh, how time and the waves intertwine,
Like braided hair,
As I watch people
Fear my vastness, my unknown,
But oblige in my life and refreshing feelings of hope.

I am hope in time. 
The minute hand ticks by 
Like my rippled tips and
My blue eyed waves are a clock.

Leah Brodsky is a 24 year-old poet from Scituate, Massachusetts. She went to Roger Williams University and is now a teacher.

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