By Mahathi 

The days of Kentish fire are over.
Your whole body has hackles.
No way you can hightail.

Our newest friend Covid is too brobdingnag
and in sanguinolency.
She is roughhousing the whole human race.
Before this tiniest new giant on earth
 you are just a Lilliput.
Your intransigence
 and your mummery wont work. 

Some say it's devil that came as an Eschaton,
an Armageddon, cataclysm, Apocalypse.
Some say it's good ushered in to incinerate sin.

Never mind (What use minding)!?
Learn diffidence...Before the wraith,
demon, daimon, djinn, Satan, Asura
whatever be it's real name.
Your home is now your carapace.
solitude is your vulnerary.
Your bed is your rostrum.
In this game with the invisible player
you can't get a better hand than Yarborough.
If you still mumble or bumble
you get a quick oakley
 to heaven (let us hope not hell).

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