By Ken Gosse

A Late Summer’s Billboard at Dusk

There’s promised relief dead ahead.
Finally, stopping for bread!
We’ll spend lots of dough,
because, on the go,
our car guzzles gas without lead.

Another long, tiresome day.
Before sunrise, we’re on our way.
Each joyful summer
vacation’s a bummer,
but we’d rather leave home than stay.

Red skies reflected in eyes.
The billboard shows whatever lies
past the road sign ahead—
perhaps Twilight Zone’s dread?
But passing means bladders’ demise.

Pulled off the road just in time,
the fuel gage acknowledges I’m
just an idiot light
who must stop for the night,
although waking the kids is a crime.

Summerizing My Plans

Oh Summer, if I had I my way,
I know that I’d retire,
and then enjoy each lovely day
without need to aspire
the whole week long for Friday night,
when casual attire
would welcome Happy Hour’s delight
to quench thirst’s week-long fire;
for then I’d goodbye-kiss this place
to seek my heart’s desire
and wander quite obliviace
through workweek’s fun’ral pyre.

Warm Ponderings on a Cold Rock

June’s Strawberry Moon will shine bright,
as a prelude to Midsummer’s Night.
Great poets so smitten
by her have oft written
of love in the warmth of her light.

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