By Ian Copestick

Daffodils, daisies,
and dandelions, the
colours yellow and
white blazing against
the green background,
even when wet, and
rained upon is a sight
that gladdens my heart.

After months of skeletal
naked trees, and muddy
churned up grass that
looks like the Somme,
to see colours other
than grey and green,
the beautiful pink and
white of the cherry
blossoms, as well as the
blaze of yellow, gold and
orange that make up the flowers
of the daffodils, dandelions, and
daisies uplifts my spirit.

It confirms in me the belief in
something, even if I have not
a clue of what it could possibly

Consciousness is both
Heaven and Hell. We're
going through them both 
right now, of that I feel sure.

I don't know which religion
fits my needs, but it doesn't
really matter.
As long as I'm happy with
myself, and the world.
I can work these things out

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