By Alex Andy Phuong


 Ensnare the mind
 Arrest the heart
 And even when apart
 Colleagues who
 Become true friends
 Remain in touch
 For close acquaintanceships
 Are true friendships


 To form unity
 Soar high
 By & by
 All in all
 Avoid the fall
 And stand together
 Now and forever

Aurtistic Statement

Previously published by DSTL Arts Aurtistic Zine Volume 2 Issue 2 “Creation Through Chaos” December 2020

I might have Autistic spectrum disorder,
 but I Am an Autistic savant.
 Many people Appreciate my contributions
 To both the real world
 And the literary landscape.
 My writing will be my gift to the world.


Form formations
 From the natural form
 People are animals
 But being savage is a choice
 Combine the mind, body, and soul
 And help make the world whole
 Through natural forms
 By knowing where the home is
 Which is the beauty of Earth itself


Typing words
 On a printed page
 Inventing stories
 For the stage or screen
 Making the unseen
 Crafting narratives
 About being alive
 Live fully
 Age gracefully
 And never fear the fall
 For people are all human
 After all

Do Rather Than Undo

What is done is done
 Anne Frank and Lady Macbeth
 Know that true statement


Tales involving sales
 Sold is not the same as old
 Have a heart of gold


More that what one Will
 Rhetorical and poetic
 Delving deep into
 And the Bard
 Undeniably has a way with words
 As performers rehearse
 Before reciting the next verse
 As elegant and eloquent language
 Flows fluidly
 Hopefully for all time
 Within timeless
 Drama, comedy, and history
 Despite controversial mystery
 Of this enigmatic author


Vacant space
 An actual place
 A location
 And also a person
 But do not turn around
 And look over the shoulder
 For the eye of the beholder
 Can openly decide
 Truth and beauty
 Despite subjectivity
 And learn a lot, too

Personal Promise

Promise Me That You
 Will Remain The Good Person
 That You Truly Are

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