By Deepika Singh

Pave the Way

The bunker life was blissful.
Cuddling with mother, tight stock and good sleep,
Calm nature, chirpy birds, so serene
Nature burst with joy.
This limited life made us Pollyanna.
This adverse life taught us to be resilient.
Giving an aid to needy, doting towards animals.
Morning sunbeam made us independent.
Plug into online classes.
Charged up for work from home.
The trapped life made the bonding muscular.
This caged journey made us explore within the limited.
This paralyzed life I gave soul to my ink,
And heart to my beloved brushes.
Pain is inescapable,
Empower in pain.
Rise in distress, broaden your horizon.
Paint your anatomy.
And get a brand new yourself.

The Essence of Illusion Life

Like a nimbus cloud,
Some thoughts came passing by.
Life is an illusion.
Sometimes it gives us millions of signs,
Signs of rainbow happiness.
The heavy rain wash away all our worries,
And soon spring rejoice.
Seeing the azure blue sky,
We tap our feet,
We spread our wings of exhilarating joy,
Our flight of joy takes us to another world 
But as life is an illusion,
Soon happiness starts to fade.
And we entangle with our problems,
We fight, we struggle, Oh! It’s killing,
We struggle to create a place in the society.
A man’s life is like the weather,
Sometimes it brings cloud of sadness,
Sometimes it brings rays of happiness.
Life is something,
We have yet to discover,
Joys, sorrows everything,
That lives in our fate.
Life is an illusion,
Life is a mystery,
That we have to solve.

Peek-a-Boo Happiness

Are you there hiding behind the Hydrangea,
Sometimes you give me an Iris hope,
Hope for better tomorrow,
Morrow to be with you.
Where we will share our Sunflower joys and purple Hyacinth sorrows together.
Where you will be my roots for support system,
And I will be your backbone stem.
Together we will pour love to our dear sapling,
Together we will spread the fragrance of happiness.
Our ardour will give shade in distress.
As days will pass by our Gulmohar branches of love will be more firm.
Unitedly we will craft for a utopian society.
For you, for me and for our Sun rising generation.


Hello! Do you know me?
I come to your world silently,
I give smile to your lips
And rejuvenate your mind.
You nurture me, you adore me.
I am showered on my creators feet
You pour me in demise and I hug them.
I add beauty to your tress.
Your beloved store me in her books
And I live for ages.
I add sophistication to your delicacy
It’s a legacy of different generations.
Oh! My clan is so colourful
It makes Terrestrial Paradise.
Anthophila relish with my elixir.
I step quietly into your abode
Unfurl eternal peace and tranquility
And I die in deep stillness.
I was I am always yours
Your dear flower.

Blur Nursery Days

Eat, sleep, study and play
This was my childhood.
We lived in a cosy room, blooming with spring all the time.
Time favoured ,shifted to a mansion.
Worse luck, time was jealous of my euphoria,
Snatched away my crown.
Each night the vacant rooms slay me.
The mansion seized my happiness.
The fight in this unethical world is unending.
The sneaky monarch rule with grace.
I was born timid but time moulded me into loud mouth,
I don’t like my hybrid reflection.
But that’s what the populace demanded.
From the core of my heart I really miss my childhood days.
I search myself in the polluted jostling crowd.
Alas! I have lost my innocence,
A child don’t judge
A child don’t boil in abhor
A child don’t thunder with words
Childhood is love, it’s a treasure
And the child inside us should remain chirping forever.

Deepika Singh is a poet from Margherita, Assam, India. Her qualifications include an M.A and B.Ed. She is a teacher by profession. Her writings reflect her personal observations of day to day life. She believes that right words can change our society. Some of her poems have been featured in Bharata Vision, The Poet Magazine, Web Poesia, Womensweb, The Literary Mirror, Atunis Galaxy Poetry, etc.

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