By Nolo Segundo

Of Ether and Earth

Of ether and earth we are made,
not fully one or the other, and
so we always feel untethered,
ever restless, prone at times
to coming apart…
whole nations come apart,
what chance then have you
or I?

Our souls seek the air,
our bodies cling to earth.
We are never one or the
other, we are never at rest.

Some wait for death,
some wait for God….

Love is Not Known

Love is not known, and
can never be known.
Love cannot be weighed
Like bullion or flour.
Love cannot be roped—
A wild mustang running
Free, never tethered,
Never corralled—freer
Than the North winds.

Love has its own mind:
It comes when it comes,
Will not hear entreaties,
Will not beg its bread,
For love rules all worlds
And love soaks all life.

Love is a gangster,
Obeying no laws,
Taking what it wants.
And love is a priest,
Making holy life’s dirt,
Redeeming then the
Wreckage of hope by
Pouring its holy water,
Quenching all longing

Love is a magician,
Appearing in two
Hearts at once,
Transforming the
Beast into a man,
Girl into woman--
An alchemist
Changing lead
Into pure gold….

And love can never die.
When the heart it holds
Beats its last beat, then
Love will soar with soul
To the next world, for
Love is the only key
That can pry open
Heaven’s heavy door.

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