By Farumbo

Time's with me today
May not be with me tomorrow
It's come to dawn on me lately
Time's hard to borrow
My evenings come to a pause
I have chance to stall
Demanding's gone to a stop
I don't no longer need to crawl
I see movement hustling
Through my nocturnal eyes
A branch snaps
Taking me by surprise
One thing I will say
One thing that cannot lie
My stomach was rumbling
I now don't care to peek in your pigsty
One claw up
Three claws on the ground
I let out a mighty roar
This little thing screams and tries-
To run but my stomach is drooling
I catch its ankle-It staggers ahead
I bound forward- clashing into it
It stoops over , eyes full of dread
It's piercing shriek hurts my ears
I shove leaves into his mouth
Much better I say - noise not clear
foaming begins around his snout
I just looked onto him
Eyes ending drowning with plea
What have you done !?!
You've put him to sleep.

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