By Januário Esteves

2nd Hour

By the secret path
What night does he carry
I saw life alone
And what matters most to us
This boldness that is altar
Where the tears remain
Because I can not cry
The senses that please
To the heavens praised
In prayer we watched
The broken hearts
To survive, we lie
And we say by the shutter
Who I am, what I was, what I will be
To myself the front door
From the world I aspired to.

3rd Hour

Ah, how heartbreaking
It's about emotions of granite
To free the fury
Whose memory is required
Scrutinize the mind around
The asymmetrical crosstalk
Enhanced pain
What happens every day
Evil is easy and pleasant
And it illuminates the darkness
From the front misrepresentation
What makes us cannon ball
And now is the time
That glows as energy
Courage of those who come away
And he dictates his own joy.

4th Hour

Rapid is the feeling
That exalts us from outpatient
And hurting the moment
It makes in us the illusory
Perforated in a tangled sense
A rage of emotions
Effective need for sin
Elongated phase of transgressions
And fallen in volunteerism
That in jail encourages us
Follow the perfumed fluid
Who penetrates and decimates
It is the mark of destiny
Overlapping the rest
It stays in sistino pose
Glorifying the works in signs.

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