By Alex Andy Phuong


Scientific chemistry
 Romantic sensibility
 Mind over matter
 Mad as a hatter
 They had chattered
 They had flattered
 Even flirting
 Could come off
 As too strong
 Back off
 Or be wrong
 And sing a song
 Because passion
 Is a matter of selection


Purify purity
 Practice serenity
 Surrender the heart
 Ease the mind
 Witness the sublime
 No need for guilt
 Relent resenting
 To establish
 Peace within
 And finally win
 Against impurity


Wishing well
 Full of dreams
 Time will tell
 What lies ahead
 And getting out of bed
 Can get people ahead
 On the journey
 Towards improvement
 By wishing the surrounding
 The best towards


Fasting teaches humility
 For hunger reminds how
 All people
 Are fundamentally creatures
 On the singular home
 Beneath the celestial sky.
 Even as time passes by,
 And though it might sometimes fly,
 Human beings can still create
 And also appreciate
 The gift of life
 Rather than suffer from strife
 When conflicts
 Are external
 Or internal
 Especially since sustenance
 Is fundamental for survival


Accepted for publication by DSTL Arts on December 7, 2020 Volume 6; Issue 2 (Spring/Summer Issue, 2021): Fitting In - Following the Leader

Do more than follow
 Become a sincere person
 By helping fellows

Fitting In

Accepted for publication by DSTL Arts on December 7, 2020 Volume 6; Issue 2 (Spring/Summer Issue, 2021): Fitting In - Following the Leader

Conformity would
 Diminish vivacity
 Fit in through pure wit


No need to beg pardon
 Simply forgive
 Especially for oneself
 For being
 Locked up and away
 Is imprisonment
 Yet there is no need for banishment
 Give and receive gratitude
 And see the light of this one and only day


Employing sense
 And common sense
 While balancing between
 Within reality
 Coins are silver and bronze
 Yet hold more power
 Than The Wizard of Oz
 For feeding the birds
 And the hungry
 Will prove who
 Has the mind and the heart
 To help the unfortunate
 While expressing gratitude
 For being fortunate


For example
 For future reference
 Knowledge acquiescence
 Giving the chance
 To forgive
 And start again
 Is an ideal way
 To deal
 With what is real
 Which does make sense


Monitor thoughts
 Open hearts
 Real life is reality
 Part of real life
 is modernity
 Life in the current moment
 will always change
 there is no need for rage
 As long as one person can maintain self-control,
 then that person can remain whole
 Everyone is human, after all.


Gather around
 Round and round
 Spinning cyclically
 Especially within reality
 Reality might repeat itself
 But that is because
 The Earth is circular
 So gather together
 And live with pleasure

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