By Jeremy Szuder

Big Mouth Sky

The great mouth of the sky
is a yawning vapor
so sweet in one's nostrils,

a pillow of warm wanton desire,
the sky is a cabinet lined blissfully, 
with the fragrances of nothing but 

purity and cleanliness. 
Best intentions are put forward
over the knees of prying eyes 

and listening ears,
the sky swallows daydreams,
spits out lazy data,

spirals our clocks back 
into unimpressed extinction.
An anvil of sunlight presses

upon hair, skin, and the nostrils
again, folding what’s wrinkled 
and coming back open smooth 

and ironed out for the walking legs.
That great mouth in the sky
is calm to swallow and easy at best, 

to regurgitate the best complaints 
from adult fists and innocent
pre-teen laughter, imagining clouds

where there should be rain.
Picturing a canvas to line
blue closets with face cloth

and invitations for tomorrow’s
bitter bite of jealousy.

On My Doppelgangers Birthday

For Adrian Sherwood

The streets shall echo 
with a drum beat 
that will swell the sewer holes 

and the chambers of fur, 
pure bass will wash us all, 
housing the cold bones 

and goose pimpled skin
of every walking foot soldier 
left to listen and learn by 

the candelabra of sunlight.
His face will be my face.
I shall wear his favorite crown 

before the cross faders,
the cutting of tape, the needles 
always leaning hard into the red. 

Oh yes, my doppelganger
puts his sound down onto
what was once solid ground,

now a pulsating luxurious wave
of heartbeat, the kind of pulsing
a doctor might listen for to

better overstand one's health
and their eventual progression
into dubwise Darwinism.

On my doppelgangers birthday,
we shall all swing at the pinata hard 
to feel the ultimate combustion 

of tissue, cardboard, candy…
We stuff our pockets and we
stuff our ears with hot confections

and we jig ourselves along to 
the rhythms most carefully and
lovingly procured and laid to splay

amongst the neatly dressed
and freshly groomed party goers.
At one time, the universe was born

into existence with great awe and
very little overstanding.
Today a blazing bright star 

was born unto this map of lights, 
constellations, milky ways, et all……..
In space, we look the same,

he and I,

just as we do here
on this speaker of a 
planet called Earth.

Jeremy Szuder is a chef by night and creator of poetry and illustration work by day. His past track record in the arts includes; 15 years as a musician in various bands (drums, vocals), graphic design work for clothing/skateboard companies, 25 plus years of self published Zines, showings of fine art in the underground art scene, a 10 year plus stint spinning vinyl at various events all across the city, and at present time continues to have both illustrations and poems published by over a dozen fine art and literary publications all across the U.S.A. as well as Canada. Jeremy Szuder continues to call Los Angeles California via Glendale his home at present.

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